Grand Canyon, Travel Guide!

This is the most amazing view I have ever seen! and the most beautiful experience I ever had. High on life, or high on nature.

These pictures will not do you justice, GRAN CANYON is a MUST see when you go to Las Vegas 😉

I can’t even explain how beautiful the scenery was or the thrilling sensation I felt deep inside my soul. I was watching this AMAZING view from a helicopter.

We used a agency called Maverick. They are super good, out hotel recommended them. A cab drove us to a pick up point and we saw Hoover Damn, Gran Canyon and other beautiful scenery. When you fly, you will be wearing headphones listening to calming music and a guy will be telling you tourist stuff and facts.

I couldn’t sit still, while we where flying, I literally felt like I was Superman flying and watching this sensational beauty. I know it sounds dramatic. But it is true, I was swept away by natures beauty into some kind of dreamlike trance, I felt hypnotized by earth, beauty and positive vibes.

Unfortunately the helicopter only lands for 45 minutes, I wanted to stay a few hours. You get some refreshments and snacks before you fly back, the way back and forth is incredible.

It was a perfect day, a perfect tour and I got to experience this once in a life times experience with my best friend my DAD and my little blond partner in crime. It meant a lot to me, having my dad next to me. We will have this experience together forever.

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My Birthday

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Hey Peeps,

I had the BEST BDAY! Spa with my BFF we went to Well-Come by Amazing Space in Hellerup. I can recommend the spa it was lovely. 1 hour massage will give you access to the gym and spa. We chilled out for 4 hours and then we went to Victor for dinner where I meet up with some other ladies I have know for 15 years. Victor is always a success the service, food and atmosphere is great, and they gave me a bottle of champagne for free. weiii Thank you! I was spoiled rotten with expensive gifts! I guess it pays of to celebrate your bday lol 😀

The next day another other group of friends surprised me with a Bday lunch at Fiat another great lunch spot in central Copenhagen, the sun was out and it was a lovely day! 😉 I got some beautiful flowers and I had a awesome time.

What a PERFECT Bday.

I was so happy!!

Tomorrow i am off to Las Vegas! Another luxury Bday Gift!

I am all packed and ready for take off. Can’t wait!!! Weeeiiii!!

Follow my blog the next 10 days to watch my Vegas adventures 😉

Beautiful Denmark ;) 




Yo peeps,

This Summerhouse weekend was great.

I was at my summerhouse at Møns klint, a beautiful area in Denmark 😉 as you can see.

Sometimes its just a good idea to get away, a change of scenery is awesome.

We had such a good time, relaxing, acting like tourists, eating good food and watching chick flicks all weekend!! of course the occasional boy-talk sneaked in.. hahaha 😉

By the way did you notice the picture with my muddy boots?  – I wanted to go of tracking into the woods instead of following the safe route that was made for tourists at Møns Klint. I stepped into some mud that had a quicksand effect, I was sinking down and almost couldn’t get out of the mud! my girls was laughing hysterical while watching me fight the mud. It is SO typical me, I never want to abide by any rules and I wanted to to go on my own adventures .. hahaha – luckily I was wearing my solid Timberland boots, they saved me.

Good friends, beautiful scenery do you need anything else? 😉 Not really!

Its Saturday today and the sun is peaking out, and that makes me so happy. Now I am off to the gym or should i run outside, difficult decisions – tough life! haha..

Much Love


Richmond Park, Part 2


I promised you some pictures of the beautiful deers and their babies, here you have it!! How wonderful is this Park?! I love it.. If you ever come to the UK!! You need to go.. Me and my girls had the best time. Don’t underestimate the power of a day out in nature! nothing compares to it, really!! Its good for your body, mind and soul!..

I forgot to mention my bag is from Burberry and my scarf is from Gucci. I forgot to mention that in my first Richmond Park post..

If you didn’t read it have a look HERE   xoxo

Want To Move To London? You Should Know This, Chapter 2


You found your room mate and the apartment you want to rent. Now comes the super annoying procedure called reference. You need to show your real estate company you can afford the rent, therefore you need to prove you have enough money. You can show your monthly salary, to prove you can pay the rent. – OR you can have a Guarantor, most students have a Guarantor in London. A Guarantor is a person helping you with your finance – meaning rent payments. It could be your parents, another family member or a boyfriend or girlfriend. As long as the guarantor can prove your rent will be taken care of, you are of the hook. Some real estate agencys have rules about the Guarantor being London based. The guarantor then has to show he’s or hers financial status to prove they can pay your rent – if you fail to do it yourself. This procedure is important if you rent from a real estate company. The real estate company might say you have to pay 3- 6 month up front if your guarantor is living a broad.

You can also go around the real estate agencies – go private, find a room on a Spareroom and rent directly from the landlord without going thru all the annoying rules from the real estate agencies. It will be different from landlord to landlord -what you have to prove. Maybe you need a reference from your previous landlord, a copy of your contract to prove you have a stabile income, a copy of your passport or maybe you don’t need any of the things mentioned. As long as you can pay the rent and deposit up front, the landlord is satisfied.

To be able to get a job in London you will need a National Insurance Number a NI number. In danish that is called your (sygesikrings bevis) I got mine 5 years ago when I was hired to work for Ferrari Cars at HR Owen. It was not difficult to get a NI number. You also need a NI number if you are studying and you need to open a bank account in London, or other practical stuff like finding a doctor or dentist. I can’t remember the exact procedure, but it wasn’t difficult to get one. If you are from Europe you shouldn’t have any problems.

If you are from Denmark you don’t need any Visa to study or work, it is very easy compared to LA 😉

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