Friday Bitch Song :D

Hey Guys,

I am listening to some Rihanna on this wonderful Friday – getting into the weekend mode!

I wanted to share this one with you – one of my favorites, it is old, but because the video has a bitchies – girl-power vibe!! I can’t seem to get enough!

Enjoy!! 😀 ..

hahaha typical me of course anything with girl-power and I am ecstatic.


New Mike Stud Video – Check Out his insane Cute Girlfriend

Sexy Friday!! I Hope you all run around in your thong this weekend flaunting your hot bod!! ;)… Inspiration! Feel sexy, feel it, feel it all weekend!! :D…

Im Deffo Feeling it!

no dummy … putting his smokin’ hot model GF Josie Canseco front and center (in a thong) in his new music video for his song “Anyone Else” …

Stud and Josie — daughter of the baseball legend — have been dating for a while … and Stud wrote the song about her.

You gotta watch the entire thing … Josie (who’s already been featured on flaunts her insane physique while eating pizza and a grilled cheese sandwich.




Remember the time when small booty’s where in ;) Watch this video


Can you remember the time when you had to have small booty’s, huge boobs and just be skinny? that was in 2009, 6 years ago. This video reminds me of that time. I have to admit I like both looks.

When I worked at KX in London a very exclusive gym. I had a fase where I wanted a HUGE ASS so I was training a Hypertrophy form called German Volume – its a training form that makes your muscles grow big very fast. Mostly male’s use this kind of training to achieve big arms or chest. I used it to get a huge ass. I did 10 reps and 10 sets of squats with 60 kg. More than my own bodyweight, anyway my ass became HUUUGE in no time! – 1-2 month. It was hard work and you need to watch your knees, it can dangerous if you make technical mistakes. I have some crazy pics from that time, I look like JL  Egyptian version :D..

I Love trying new things. Training and shaping your body fascinates me.

When I go to the gym now – my aim is to have a toned perky ass 🙂 I guess I am in-between the old and new trend 🙂 not too big and not to0 small 😉

Wacth the video below 😉

For more music video’s click HERE (Tyga’s steamy sexy video with Kylie Jenner)

Tyga’s new Video Stimulated! Steamy ;) Watch it here – featuring Kylie Jenner



Hey Boys and Gals,

Tyga released his new video for his new single today “Stimulated” Did you listen to the lyrics ? Damn, its very sexy – steamy – hot lyrics. You can definitely hear from the lyrics Kylie and Tyga are young loves enjoying themselves!! Good for them!! Enjoy life, have fun! That is what life is all about ;)..

They have been very private regarding their relationship in the past – because Kylie was under age. But it looks like this video is confirming they are a couple and it is all out in the open now.

Anyway, I really loved the tunes in the beginning!! Sounds awesome – Good Job Tyga!! I like he’s style – I think its cool he is acting like he is rehearsing the song in the video. Kylie could have been a little more steamy looking, regarding the lyrics – I was surprised to see her fully clothed. lol 😀



Did you watch this video? ;)

Taylor you have never been my favorite, but nice to see you got a bit of bad gal in you!!

She is usually so cute and sweet I get bored after 30 seconds of watching her. But in this video she is rocking!! Finally you have some sexappeal, so boring looking like an angel all the time.. hehe!!

We all know, nobody are angels, so why you wanna act or look like one – BORRING. Show a bit of real personality and you become more interesting in my opinion.

Show people you are not perfect all the time, and people will be more attracted to you. Show the real you – I am not talking about Taylor now, just in general about people and personalities.

Wise words from a super tired and deep Sabrina on a Sunday eve.. hehe 😉

Godnight peeps, sleep tight.