All By Myself, Uncensored version! Crazy Girl In A Furniture Store ;) Watch The Video Here!


Hey Boyz and Gals,

Sorry for being MIA lately on my blog!! So busy these days, but I can’t complain about that.

Anyway I am back with a new awesome video commercial, I did for the furniture store Ilva. This is the uncensored longer version. You see me going completely nuts and wearing nothing but underwear in the end of the video. The shorter version is more sober and that is the version Ilva is using to promote their store. It is not as sexy as this one, but I assumed you wanted to watch the uncensored version. I will post the version Ilva is using later this week.

I will be posting loads of videos on my youtube channel, so if you didn’t subscribe yet – Go Do It Now 😉 click HERE . When you watch the above video you will be on my youtube channel. 😉

So what is happening in the new commercial? Obviously I am feeling at home in the furniture store Ilva haha.. Playing hide and seek with the Ilva employee, hoping he won’t see me and my sexy behavior. I am acting silly, doing exactly what I would do in my own apartment – ” Being All By Myself”

Did you get the chance to watch my insane bad ass workout video?  It is also on my YouTube channel, Hot!! Don’t miss it! look forward to super cool video’s this summer.

I landed a role in a new TV series called Club Amok. It is a comedy series about a nightclub in Denmark. So keep an eye out for that, we will start filming sometime this summer.

Thank you for dropping by weiiii…

Triumph Fashion Show 


Hello Boys and Gals,

I did a Triumph Catwalk show yesterday at the lovely hotel Sankt Petri in Denmark. It was so much fun and a lovely experience, it only lasted 1 1/2 hour but I got paid for 3 hours Yaaah, the joys of modelling life. I loved the color of the underwear I had to wear, I had to walk a catwalk in two different sets of lingerie, the second outfit was beige you can see it in the last picture, not as cute as the first color. You might be wondering why my panties are so high, the function is to keep the belly tight and slim, if you have problems with that, go get the panties. By the way, the bra had a wonderful push up effect, my boobs looked huge, if you are into big boobs and a slim tiny waist I guess the lingerie is perfect for you.

I forgot to give my camera to an Triumph assistant that could have snapped a few shots with my camera while I was walking on the runway in front of 50 people, but I forgot – Sorry 🙁 I was to busy making sure my underwear was on point.

Afterwards I went to dinner with two girlfriends and we had a hilarious evening. Do you know those evenings when you can’t stop laughing. You laugh until your belly hurts and everybody is cracking up, rolling on the floor, looking handicapped haha ? This was such a kinda night. I loved it – when people get so silly and relaxed anything and everything is allowed. 😀 My kinda mood.

Tomorrow I am going to a party at my modelling agency. The owner turns 50 and a new Booker became partner as well – time for dancing and celebrating. I am invited out for drinks tonight as well, to go out or not to go out. Hmmm.. always such a difficult decision, I want to go, but I also want to be well rested for tomorrows event and gym-it in the morning.

I hope all my readers will have a wonderful weekend.

Adios until next time 😉 XO