Is Perfection The Best Policy?

Actress Eva Mendes arrives at the Hollywood screening of her movie "Holy Motors" during AFI FEST in Los Angeles, California November 3, 2012. REUTERS/Gus Ruelas (UNITED STATES - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT HEADSHOT) - RTR39YTM

Young Women.

Many young girls I know have fake hair, fake lips, cheek implants, botox and a small fake nose. The only way I can tell you apart is from your different skin tones and hair colors. You all look pretty and perfect, but y’all look alike. Is perfection the best way to go? I am not against plastic surgery, fake hair or perfection. But I miss the days of different beauties and unique faces, it seems like beauty has a specific look these days.

I think flaws can be beautiful and charming look at this gorgeous woman, Eva Mendez one of my favorite beauties. She has flaws a crooked mouth and a larger nose and chin, if you see it as a flaw. I think she looks amazing. If you are proud of your flaws it can be the most beautiful, unique and sexy part of you. Try to be comfortable in your own skin, before you begin the search for perfection. Will perfection give you peace of mind? I don’t think so – and too much plastic surgery will erase your own uniqueness. Be proud of your features and flaws, nobody looks like you in this world unless you have a twin haha ;).

Found A New Born Bambi In The Grass

I am spending another weekend at our summerhouse in Denmark. Lovely area located at Møn. I was out walking my dog Coco Chanel and I found this new born deer hiden in the grass. I am a animal lover and it was wonderful to see such a tiny beautiful bambi. The mother was out and about all day, but came back for her new born before dark. I was getting worried, I went to check on the baby several times during the day. You can’t touch a new born deer or the mother might disown her, because of the different smell. So I had to enjoy watching. What a cute little princess or prince. High on nature and high on life. Everything is just more wonderful when it is a hot summer. image image image image

What Brand Is My Bikini? ;)

Hey Ladies,

You have been asking me where you can buy my bikini, I found it in a shop in Ibiza 😉 maybe you can find it online. The brand is called Scalise Saint Tropez good luck finding it 😉 .. I remember it wasn’t cheap, so you better find your money bags. 🙂

hopefully you have some amazing vacca plans so you can be sure to wear it. You never know how the danish summer will turn out.

 image image image image

Best Bikini Pics From Las Vegas – Travel Guide


Hello Boyz and Gals,

Are you planing on a trip to Las Vegas soon? Don’t miss the pool party at Marquee dayclub located at the Cosmopolitan Hotel! Best pool party ever ever 😉

My favorite nightclub is XS it is not only my opinion but the people that live in Vegas,  go there because it is the BEST! It is huge – I was there twice. The first time David Guetta was a DJ it was Saturday night. The 2. time was Sunday it was more layed back but still cool. Actually a pool party was happening at the nightclub around 2 am Sunday. People where walking around wet, I was too chicken to jump in the pool without my bikini, but don’t let that stop you LOL ;D

The vibe in Vegas is OFF the hook! I really love that everything is allowed and you meet people from all parts of the world. So many different accents, I connected with so many new people it was amazing. Vegas is a must try if you didn’t go yet. This trip was my 3. Vegas trip and not my last. I am tempted to go again later this summer.

image image image image image image image image image

Slim verses Fat


Hey Peeps,

So I am back! I have been MIA lately what can I say – I have been busy, vaccation, work, just life you know how it is. Anyway I just returned from the most amazing vaccation ever, ever! Las Vegas what a awesome place –  I will be posting lots of amazing Vegas pics, don’t worry 😀 ..

But lets get back to the subjekt slim verses fat – why this crazy headline? I was so surprised about the american women, they really have something danish and british woman lack! No matter what size or shape they have, they strut around in there bikinis or swimsuits with their heads high having an AMAZING attitude – BIG smiles! I am georgeous and I don’t care about my flab, I am bootylicious and perfect. I have a big fat ass with cellulite and I own it. WOW I was so impressed and amazed by these unique, female queens. Being fat, chubby or full of cellulite didn’t stop their awesomeness. I really love how these women glow, they have the perfect aura showing of their bodys with pride. I did my little catwalk around the pool, they did their little catwalk around the pool. Some of the ladies where VERY Big, they didn’t at any point look uncomfortable, these beautiful confident unique women created such a great vibe, passing me With BIG smileys and a small chat. So my conclusion is us women in Europe can learn something from these queens, why waste your time being depressed or shy because you are fat or have flab? So what – you are not perfect – no one is. Honestly the most beautiful women in the world are the onces with confidence, the ladies that smile and glow. I loved looking at confident women with huge flabby booties walk their catwalk and charm boys. I was thinking AWESOME!! I hope this will inspire you to own what you have. All women are perfect mysterious creatures and we all have something beautiful and unique. Jump in your bikinis and shine this summer. Xo