Hey Ladies,

This made me smile! This guy is my dream guy! Absolute insanely HOT!!

Happy Monday – I hope this put a smile on your face!! By the way if you didn’t watch the movie, its something you need to change! Magic Mike is the SHIIIIT.. ;)..


New Movie Trailer With Robert De Niro

Hi Guys,

I think this one looks okay. Not mind-blowing – a little cheesy actually. Definitely not a cinema movie. I will probably wait until it’s on TV before I watch it haha..

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below in the comment (kommentar) area.

More new movies 😉 This one is with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt 😉


Will Smith – This December Concussion, Watch the Trailer here ;)

I Love Will Smith, I can never get enough of him – no matter what accent he has hehe..

Anyway this movie looks interesting! Check it out. What do you think? Usually Will Smith only picks the best stories, so it must be good. 😉

By the way 😉 Did you know Will Smith is the highest paid actor in Hollywood?! I was surprised when I found out, I would have guessed – Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio – but I would have been wrong 😉

Have a nice day! I am unfortunately not feeling well today ;( a bit sick! So I am taking it easy here at my London Crib.. XO