My Top 10 Guilty Pleasure’s ;) What are yours?

As I secretly indulged in some of my favorite things this morning, I started thinking about guilty pleasures. The urban dictionary says guilty pleasures are those things we shouldn’t like, but we like anyway. I think this is a contradiction in terms. They are things we do but don’t talk about to anyone. If we really like doing something, we shouldn’t feel guilty about it, right?

CNN did a story on this last year entitled We men don’t have ‘guilty’ pleasures. According to that article, for men, “obsessions are points of pride, not shame.” I don’t think women should hang their heads in shame either. What are yours? I wonder if any of yours are the same as mine.

  1. Using a lot of time on Instagram filtering my pictures lol while eating raw chocolate with mint or crisps
  2. Listening to Celine Dion, Tina Turner or Whitney Houston’s old love songs (kinda embarrassing Go ahead, laugh it up)
  3. Watching any of the Alien Movies!! Specially Number 2 or 4  – Sigourney Weaver is the bomb and spending a random Tuesday afternoon watching those movies is heaven on earth to
  4. Listening to a Australien accent Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about a guilty pleasure – I could listen to a guy with an Australien accent talk all day long. I turn to complete mush. This is one guilty pleasure I don’t get to experience often, but when I do, I can’t get enough.
  5. Late night eating, I know it’s unhealthy and bad. But I can snack all night long, sometimes I eat loads of food just before bed time and feel like crap in the morning hahaha..
  6. Fuzzy socks that go all the way up to your knees in lots of colours, so cute and cosy I love wearing them and I know it’s ugly.Knee-socks-warm-striped-Fuzzy-Sock-long-cozy-feet-warm-winter-home-sleep-thigh-high-stockings
  7.  Reading gossip magazines. The magazines that are so bad, they are good. It is one of the easiest guilty pleasures out there. Just grab one at the supermarket for a few hours of indulgence. I don’t care that most of that celebrity stuff isn’t true; I just want to look at all the pictures and dream that I owned as many pairs of shoes as Suri Cruise.
  8. Sleeping late without being interrupted. Oh.. wow.. what a guilty pleasure. I haven’t been able to do this for months; lately there just isn’t room in my schedule. Do you remember when we were teenagers and we would go to sleep Friday night and wake up late in the afternoon on Saturday? Back then, I didn’t realize how indulgent that was. What I would do for a solid twelve hours of sleep right now. 🙂 Im crashing early tonight.
  9. Dancing around alone in my apartment it is strange but a guilty pleasure, I love it and it always makes me happy.dancing_with_myself_by_mykegreywolf-d8p49ta
  10. Spending hours on grooming myself, differen’t body oils and face creams, hair moisturizer, manicure’s, body scrub, perfumes I could use all day.  health-beauty-products

Found A New Born Bambi In The Grass

I am spending another weekend at our summerhouse in Denmark. Lovely area located at Møn. I was out walking my dog Coco Chanel and I found this new born deer hiden in the grass. I am a animal lover and it was wonderful to see such a tiny beautiful bambi. The mother was out and about all day, but came back for her new born before dark. I was getting worried, I went to check on the baby several times during the day. You can’t touch a new born deer or the mother might disown her, because of the different smell. So I had to enjoy watching. What a cute little princess or prince. High on nature and high on life. Everything is just more wonderful when it is a hot summer. image image image image

Distortion Nørrebro

image image   image image image

Hello My Darlings,

I had a super fun day at distortion yesterday.

I wore my bad ass red suit from Ibiza the brand is called AiGUA my pink bra is from GILLY HICKS – push em up bustier.

My shoes are Nike Air.

Today it will go down again at Vesterbro. I love seeing Copenhagen like this full of life and vitality. People are happy, smiling and super friendly. You never see this side of danish people in the winter, so lets enjoy it now. Weiii…

Distortion Fashion and Music Guide

Today there is a big street festival i Copenhagen called Distortion. A lot of different DJ’s will be playing. I have found my favorite outfits to wear at Distortion. They all kick fashion ass.

Don’t be boring 😉 Go all out! 🙂

Party Guide 😉

Redbull party at Nørrebrogade

Red Bull Music Academy – artists: Kesi, Katie Keller, Madi Banja, S!vas and many more

Location: Nørrebrogade 110, København N

Party with Hooda

Location: Elmegade – artists: Tue Track, Emil Lange and many more

Location: Elmegade 22, København N

Hiphop party at Rust

At a street party you need hip hop artists: Keis Khatib, Boém, Artigeardit, Mund De Carlo and more

Location: Guldbergsgade 8, Nørrebro

Huge party

Rave and Club music – with the boys from Sunday.

Location: Nørregade 8, 1165 København K


If you get hungry: Check out The Organic Boho: organic vegan Food 😉 

Location: Nørrebrogade 52

Enjoy the party.