Be A Creature Unlike Any other

Be A Creature Unlike Any Other On A Date


On a date you never show that finding your soulmate is foremost on your mind. You’re cool. He may think you have turned down several engagements. You sip – never slurp – your drink. Let him find out all about you, instead of the other way around. You are light and flirtatious. Your gestures are soft and feminine. All your movements are fluid and sexy, not awkward or self-conscious. you’ve been on many dates before: your a pro. That’s because you take care of yourself. You didn’t lie in bed depressed, eating cookies before the date. You took a bubble bath or went for a run and read my blog hahaha, – built up your mindset with positive thinking. I am a beautiful woman. I am enough. You don’t have to do anything more on the date than show up, because you are fab. He will either love you or not. It is not your fault if he doesn’t call again. You’re beautiful inside and out. Someone else will love you if he doesn’t. That should be your mindset ladies, non of this – something is wrong with me.

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Be A Creature Unlike Any other