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Find Out What Hollywood Actor I dated For A While

Hey Boyz and Gals,

You all know I had a small part in the movie Rush a few years ago.

I never told anybody about this secret, because it is so personal, I don’t like to talk about my LOVE – life, in general.

I was lucky enough to meet and work with the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth you know from Thor and the Avengers. Tall, strong, and HOT. Chris is not only good looking but has a caring and sweet personality. I was very nervous and excited at the same time when I was introduced to him and the talented director Ron Howard. Meeting both of them was a dream come true, for a movie geek like me.

Anyway, Ron was directing me and he can be a bit tough when he talks to you. Chris was so sweet, – he told me Ron would not talk or direct me, if he didn’t like my acting or see potential in me. That made me feel better straight away, Chris and I had 3 -4 scenes together, but unfortunately only 1 scene was used in the movie, it is normal to make extra material for the movie, usually they cut off 1 or 2 hours, when they edit the whole thing in the end. Thank god my one scene was used or I would have been devastated – been telling all my friends.

Anyway Chris and I had a kissing scene and I was in heaven. 😀 I hoped we could re-play the scene over and over.. 🙂 but we didn’t lol..

After we finished filming, – Chris asked me if he should give me a ride, we where a few hours outside London filming at a old airport. He was staying at a hotel in central London, not far from my apartment in Mayfair. I was like yes please give me a ride that would be great.

I think you can all imagine how the day ended. We started dating in secret because of his pregnant wife. It was very difficult because he is a family guy and it all ended very dramatic. I saw him for 2 month, until his wife walked in on us – pure girl. I still feel really bad about the whole thing, but I couldn’t help myself – its Chris Hemsworth come on, who can resist him.

(April Fool LOL.. ) Everything is true but the last part, he didn’t drive me home and we didn’t have an affair. He offered to give me a ride actually. But I finished work many hours before him, so it never happened. Haha you fool :D..


RUSH SET 019-2


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