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Science show Women need more sleep than Men


Hello Peeps,


Good news for all the ladies wondering why they sleep so much, I am one of them. The research shows that women need more sleep than men, read the scientific explanation here.

Women in general need more sleep than men, why? When we don’t get our sleep, we become more drained than men. Too little sleep can lead to heart deceases, diabetes, week physical condition and so many bad things 🙁

Why do women need more sleep?

Two reasons, the body temperature and hormones. Women’s hormone balance changes when we have our period cycle, more female hormones increases the body temperature and we become more tired and need more sleep.

Women show clear signs that they are more effected by stress than men are. When we are stressed we release a large amount of  the hormone called cortisol and that makes it difficult for us to fall a sleep.

Women use a larger part of the brain than men do.

Another factor that has emphasis on women in general, we have many balls in the air at the same time, so we use a larger part of the brain than men do, also know as multitasking. Therefore our brain becomes more exhausted and needs more sleep to recover.

Have a lovely sleepy weekend ladies and goodnight.

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