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First Date What NOT to talk about ;) for the Boys ;)


First date. Ideally the conversation should flow naturally, there are no awkward silences and both people leave with the urge to go on a second date. That is not always the case in real life. Nervousness, the lack of common interests or just the wrong conversations can ruin the atmosphere and the date completely .. 🙁 Some subjects should be avoided on a first date. It might seem very obvious – but lets take them once again! Then that will not be the reason, if your date fails.


Do I need to say more? this one is easy to figure out- so don’t talk about you X – Not good -Not bad. Nobody wants their new date to talk about the X so much it could seem like they are still in-love with her. often it is not fun to hear about – not even if the X was a bitch 😉


Politics and religion are 2 subject’s that really can get the discussion flowing, that is not always bad – but on the first date it is the wrong time. It can make people upset and angry – so you might not get that second date with your dream girl 😉


Don’t act TOO full of yourself in a smart ASS kind of way, but have a humble self-confidence the vibrates from your personality, body-language, tone of voice and eye contact 😉 – confidence is key. Do not lie to make yourself seem more cool. You shouldn’t be a sorry excuse for a man – a BIG mumbling sorry kinda guy, who says all his flaws and embarrassing stories. Balance is Key 😉

If you like the girl and she likes you – Kiss her!! DON’T BE A CHICKEN 😉 – or she might forget about you quick, because you didn’t make her feel desirable.

Anyway there are no rule book, when it comes to dating and maybe you will meet the girl who shares your political opinions – then Go for it – No date is the same – with this info in your mind! DATE Away 😉 HAVE FUN!

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