Friday Bitch Song :D

Beautiful Denmark ;) 




Yo peeps,

This Summerhouse weekend was great.

I was at my summerhouse at Møns klint, a beautiful area in Denmark 😉 as you can see.

Sometimes its just a good idea to get away, a change of scenery is awesome.

We had such a good time, relaxing, acting like tourists, eating good food and watching chick flicks all weekend!! of course the occasional boy-talk sneaked in.. hahaha 😉

By the way did you notice the picture with my muddy boots?  – I wanted to go of tracking into the woods instead of following the safe route that was made for tourists at Møns Klint. I stepped into some mud that had a quicksand effect, I was sinking down and almost couldn’t get out of the mud! my girls was laughing hysterical while watching me fight the mud. It is SO typical me, I never want to abide by any rules and I wanted to to go on my own adventures .. hahaha – luckily I was wearing my solid Timberland boots, they saved me.

Good friends, beautiful scenery do you need anything else? 😉 Not really!

Its Saturday today and the sun is peaking out, and that makes me so happy. Now I am off to the gym or should i run outside, difficult decisions – tough life! haha..

Much Love


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