Words Of Wisdom ;)

Things We Can Learn From Our Dogs

Never let the chance of a nice walk pass you by.

Let the experience of fresh air and the wind in your face be pure enjoyment.

When the people you love come home, run and great them welcome.

If it doesn’t conflict with your interest show obedience.

Let people know when they annoy you.

Take a nap often and stretch your body well, before getting up.

Run, have fun and play everyday.

Eat with huge enthusiasm and enjoyment.

Be loyal.

Never pretend to be something you are not.

If your goals are hidden, then dig til you find them.

When someone has a bad day, be quite, sit next to them and press your nose against them.

Let people give you attention and stroke your hair

Avoid biting people if you can growl at them.

On warm days drink lots of water and lay down in the shade by a tree.

When you are happy move your body and dance.

If you get yelled at, don’t let it bother you, don’t be upset, instead run back and make up straight away . 😉

My love for animals is insane, I LOVE all kinds! I think we can learn so much from them. Here is my precious princess Coco.

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Words Of Wisdom ;)