Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna a New Couple? :D

Bloggersdelight 5th Birthday, see how it all went Down ;) 


Hey Gents and Sexy ladys,

Last night I was celebrating Denmark’s biggest Blog network  – Bloggerdelight. I have been a Premium Blogger with them for 8 month or more I think. They have 60.000 bloggers and only 125 premium bloggers, I feel very lucky to be a part of that :). Last night 250 bloggers where invited to a award show and birthday party. It was a fab night located at Hotel Radisson Blue..

What does it take to be a good blogger? Is this something you are considering!? 😉 people think it is easy, but it is really a lot of work. I will write about this subject next week when my hangover is gone LOL. I can’t write about serious stuff right now, I am sure you understand. :)..

Last night was not only a birthday party but also a award show. I didn’t win anything – but that does not mean you should stop reading my blog LOL :D.. I am still the bad’est cat in town. We enjoyed a 3 course dinner and I was sitting next to some really funny people – two wonderful and hilarious gentlemen and 4 pretty ladies – lucky me! The event was great for networking and it is awesome to get inspired by other bloggers and promote each other. The after party was a Zen – not my favorite night club in Copenhagen. Anyway I couldn’t stay the whole night because my girl from London was in Denmark celebrating her birthday, it was a big one – 30! So at 9:30 PM – after the 3 course dinner. I did a Houdini and jumped in a cab to meet my London lady and all her girls. I had a hilarious time with them – girl talk, dancing and belly dancing to Arabic music. Belly dancing really makes me feel connected with the Egyptian side of me, I LOVE IT! Afterwards we hit a few clubs.

My Outfit 😉 – Black leather skirt from Mango, sexy top from Popcph, stalkings from Christiane, shoes from Louis Vuitton, bag from Valentino. 

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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna a New Couple? :D