10 Things I sucked at in 2015

Rob Kardashian is Sick



Rob has had problems with overeating and gaining weight the last few years. What a shame he was so hansom when he was slim. Now Rob was taken to an L.A. hospital Sunday after feeling terrible all weekend.

after a battery of tests, Rob was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious complication of diabetes that occurs when someone’s body produces high levels of blood acids, or ketones.

Rob had no idea he was diabetic, and it’s a good thing he took precautionary measures. If untreated, the condition can lead to a diabetic coma.

But there’s good news … the doctors told Rob if he eats well and leads a “healthy lifestyle,” he can actually get his diabetes, which is type 2, under control and potentially have it go into remission.

Rob is back at home and resting, and this may be just what the doctor ordered — literally — to get him back on the right path.


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