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10 tips to Stay Lean at Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and December Month is filled with temptations, how do we have fun and still stay lean slim and athletic?

  1. Workout 3 -5 times a week
  2. Stay Away from gluten, sugar and carbs when you have the chance. Then you can enjoy the unhealthy Christmas foods with a good conscious 😉
  3. Drink fresh ginger and lemon tea everyday to detoxify and cleanse your body from Christmas foods. I peel fresh ginger and lemon in a cub of boiling/hot water, I try to drink 4 -5 cubs a day that slims your body and gives your immune system a boost of strength
  4. Drink loads of water, you body needs more water in the winter than the summer. Many people do not know this. But the cold dehydrates you so much more than you think. You don’t feel the thirst the same way as summer, therefore some people forget to drink the 3 liters recommend everyday.
  5. jog outside before your breakfast, enjoy the cold fresh air and dress up warm. Jog for 10 – 25 min. Eat a peace of fruit and drink loads of water, AKA fasted cardio – it will burn the Christmas fat you eat the night before 😉
  6. Stay active in Winter, use all the Christmas parties for some wild dancing. Dance all the unwanted calories away 😉
  7. Make lovely healthy hot sups when you are not at a Christmas dinner, it will warm you up, give your body fluids and fill your belly in a healthy way
  8.  This is not a professional health tip, but I do use the tanning machine once or twice a month to give my body some D vitamin and energy. You can also avoid winter depression this way. It will be easier to drag your ass to the gym when you have had a boost of fake sun ;).. Cover your face neck and chest with a towel to avoid wrinkles 😉
  9. At Christmas dinners eat your food slowly and be sure to enjoy and taste it, this way you will be full quicker and avoided the unwanted bloated belly from too much fatty foods 😉
  10. Only take 1 round of dessert 😉

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