My Ancient Egyptian Roots - Cleopatra

10 Tips – Flawless Facial Skin


  1. Wash your face with very cold water every morning
  2. drink minimum 2 1/2 -3 liters of water everyday
  3. cleans your face morning and evening, use anti aging serums before you apply your facial creams
  4. once a week use a good rich oil – I apply Coconut oil and leave it on my face all night
  5. Use a day cream, night cream and eye cream – chose a brand that works well for your skin type – my favorite brand is Tresor Rare De Premier – it works wonders for my facial skin, I look so much younger when I use it.
  6. Women your face starts from your hair line and ends on your upper chest –  apply cream on neck and chest twice a day or you will get the undesirable neck and chest wrinkles
  7.  Eat healthy fruits and vegs every day
  8. Buy supplements for your skin. I take collagen tables everyday – the bran I use is called: Genacol 100 % Collagen. Collagen makes your skin firm and tight, so you won’t get a saggy face 😉
  9.  Don’t eat any sugar or gluten, your face and body will age before time 😉
  10. Be happy, think happy thoughts and be positive – a negative mind will affect your looks. Stress ages you.

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My Ancient Egyptian Roots - Cleopatra