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Sofia Vergara’s Wedding! My Dream Man!!








Hi Ladies,

I seriously want to shoot Sofia Vergara – she just married my dream man!!! Honestly he is so hot I can’t take it!! Sofia — Oh Sofia you lucky bitch! hahahaha…

What a beautiful couple damn… Hotness, Hotness… Please peeps let yourself be inspired by how there psychical appearance looks!! They are in SOO good shape..

Sofia is 43 and her young hunk is 38 – Joe Manganiello,

Read below what sofia had to say on the Jimmy Kimmel show 😉


“We’re very excited. We’ll kind of keep it a little private, but it’s been kind of impossible because people have been very excited in my family. It’s like 400,” Vergara, 43, told host Jimmy Kimmel. “It was very hard [to cut down]. We said, ‘200 for you, 200 for me,’ but my 200 is like family, so I couldn’t invite many of my friends.”

Vergara and the Magic Mike XXL hunk, 38, said “I do” at Florida’s Breakers Palm Beach resort on Nov. 22. “The truth is that he gave me some of his [invites] because I was in trouble,” Vergara added. “There were people from work that I needed to bring.”

As previously reported, Manganiello popped the question to Vergara in Hawaii last December after six months of dating. “The Christmas gift wasn’t as good as this,” Vergara teased to Kimmel. “So I couldn’t complain! He knew exactly what I deserved.” the Hot Pursuit star was initially hesitant about getting involved with the True Blood alum, but is grateful that she did.

“He’s great. Super handsome — too handsome. I told him when I met him that he was too handsome. But now I’m very grateful that I did went out with him,” she said Monday night. “I thought he was going to be too much work, because girls were throwing themselves at him. I’m like, ‘Ay, no. Please, I want somebody normal.'”

Unfortunately, women still fangirl over her man. “Girls don’t care. I mean, have you seen him? I mean, I understand,” she joked. “I don’t judge them!”

hahahaha I like her style 😉


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