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Sex positions ;)


Did you know that the way you like to have sex also says a lot about your personality in bed, or in general?

Missionary- This position is the way most couples start off with. Because it’s face to face, it provides more intimacy for your partner. Unfortunately, the more intimate your partner is, the more unadventurous your partner may be. This basic position may also suggest that your partner is not confident, insecure, and need reassurance from how his partner responds.

Doggystyle- Men love this position because it gives them that animalistic control. It’s also a position that their female partner isn’t naturally equipped to pull off, so it gives the guy a certain level of confidence. This position may suggest that the male partner is not romantic and has a fear of intimacy. because it is without eye contact.

Women on top- Unlike missionary and doggystyle, this gives the guy the opportunity to be submissive but with confidence. Kudos to the guys who actually prefers this position, because it allows the woman to take total control. Men who like their women on top takes pleasing their partners into consideration. They get off when their woman gets off… 😉

Standing-  This bold move can be done anywhere except on the bed. Both partners who enjoy this position are considered naughty, bold, and daring. This position may also suggest that the guy is fun, mischievous, exciting, and obviously adventurous.

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  • Alessandro

    Nice review, sincerely I am a great fun of always trying different way of coupling, fantasy and complicity are the essential keys in sex and trying new stuff is great not to make it downgrade to monotony.
    Personally I have seen that the “from behind” positions are extremely liked by women too especially because of the great flexibility they offer and the possibility for the woman to change position as she likes, the fact that the full body of the woman is free for the man’s hands is a great plus too. Making the woman to stand ontop is not necessarily a man’s submissive behaviour I like thinking to it as ” a woman who pleases her man” or “that little price you deserved”, at the very end a man should allow her woman a proper “ride” every now and then :-).
    Standing sex is great, but keep in considerations sizes. not those ones, just leg lenght!

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