Matthew McConaughey is nearly unrecognizable on 'Gold' set

Remember the time when small booty’s where in ;) Watch this video


Can you remember the time when you had to have small booty’s, huge boobs and just be skinny? that was in 2009, 6 years ago. This video reminds me of that time. I have to admit I like both looks.

When I worked at KX in London a very exclusive gym. I had a fase where I wanted a HUGE ASS so I was training a Hypertrophy form called German Volume – its a training form that makes your muscles grow big very fast. Mostly male’s use this kind of training to achieve big arms or chest. I used it to get a huge ass. I did 10 reps and 10 sets of squats with 60 kg. More than my own bodyweight, anyway my ass became HUUUGE in no time! – 1-2 month. It was hard work and you need to watch your knees, it can dangerous if you make technical mistakes. I have some crazy pics from that time, I look like JL  Egyptian version :D..

I Love trying new things. Training and shaping your body fascinates me.

When I go to the gym now – my aim is to have a toned perky ass 🙂 I guess I am in-between the old and new trend 🙂 not too big and not to0 small 😉

Wacth the video below 😉

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Matthew McConaughey is nearly unrecognizable on 'Gold' set