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Matthew McConaughey is nearly unrecognizable on ‘Gold’ set

Matthew McConaughey has undergone a complete physical transformation for his new role.

The Oscar winner was spotted on the set of his new movie “Gold” this weekend, but his six-pack abs were nowhere to be found. Instead, McConaughey looks to have packed on a few pounds to take on the part of Kenny Wells. The dramatic movie, also starring Bryce Dallas Howard, is about an unlikely pair who venture to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold.


In addition to his significant weight gain and cheap suit, the 45-year-old actor is also balding for his new role.

This isn’t the first time McConaughey has drastically altered his appearance for a film. For his Oscar-winning role in the 2013 movie “Dallas Buyers Club,” he dropped a shocking amount of weight to portray Ron Woodroof, a man who starts working around the system to help AIDS patients get the medication they need after he too is diagnosed with the disease.

Matthews words was:  ”it was big transformation … it was a damn spiritual cleanse, man,” “You’re reminded how often you think about the next meal through the day. …You don’t go have meetings at your favorite steak house either — you have ’em right at home with your little meal right in front of you.”

It appears he’s taking restaurant meetings now! Good for you hehe… 🙂


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