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Kim K’s Maternity Birthday










 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West went all out on Kim’s 35 year old bday.

This week for Kim’s 35th birthday bash Kanye West surprised Kim by renting out a entire theater and then everybody had to look pregnant. Kim has issues when she is pregnant because she hates looking large and lets be honest, she is not pretty as a pregnant woman – like Kourtney, Kim just looks strange.. like a watermelon.

Every guest was asked to wear their favorite Kim maternity look and was then provided with a “fake baby bump” all planned by Mr. West himself. He did it to make Kim feel “less huge”  Kanye is always so creative, I want a smart husband like that 😉

When Kim Kardashian walked into the theater she was surprised by her closest friends and family (except Khloe, she is with Lamar ;)) singing “Happy Birthday” and wearing fake baby bumps.

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