4 things Men want Women To Know ;)

Falling In Love With Your BFF


You’ve done the “unthinkable” with your best friend of the opposite sex and now you’re confused. One minute, you guys are munching on popcorn while watching Eddie Murphy’s Raw…you know, hanging out like you usually do. The next minute, you guys are making out’

You find yourself sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking “What the F… just happened?” The humor in all of this is that your bestie is on the other end, thinking the same question.

So, what’s the next step? You obviously want to know what it all means for you both. Do you approach your best friend as a potential love interest or do you both consider the situation “one-time thing”? Neither of you will want to assume anything, so here are a few suggestions…


Give yourselves several days to process what happened

Scope out how your friend feels without the pressure from prying too hard

Consider the possibility that your friend may have developed feelings for you

Ask yourself if your friend is worth more than a friend

Keep the friendship as is, if you don’t feel any romantic vibes.

All of those suggestions should come naturally for you because your bestie should be someone you’d feel comfortable communicating with. Whatever the outcome, remember that nothing beats a genuine friendship. Don’t let anything ruin that. Either look into the idea of dating or respect the decision to stay friends. Either way, you’ll still have your best friend.

For more dating advice click HERE sex isn’t the only for of infidelity these days 😉

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