Hollywood Halloween ;)


Queen B posing as Storm from X- Men at Ciara’s 30ties B-day bash… Ciara was dressed as Cat woman and her Boyfriend as Batman .. cool! 


How amazing does Kourtney look, she is in really good shape, not bad after 3 children and I loved the outfits, especially North as a Unicorn ;).. CUUUTE

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Kim K’s Maternity Birthday










 Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West went all out on Kim’s 35 year old bday.

This week for Kim’s 35th birthday bash Kanye West surprised Kim by renting out a entire theater and then everybody had to look pregnant. Kim has issues when she is pregnant because she hates looking large and lets be honest, she is not pretty as a pregnant woman – like Kourtney, Kim just looks strange.. like a watermelon.

Every guest was asked to wear their favorite Kim maternity look and was then provided with a “fake baby bump” all planned by Mr. West himself. He did it to make Kim feel “less huge”  Kanye is always so creative, I want a smart husband like that 😉

When Kim Kardashian walked into the theater she was surprised by her closest friends and family (except Khloe, she is with Lamar ;)) singing “Happy Birthday” and wearing fake baby bumps.

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Sex positions ;)


Did you know that the way you like to have sex also says a lot about your personality in bed, or in general?

Missionary- This position is the way most couples start off with. Because it’s face to face, it provides more intimacy for your partner. Unfortunately, the more intimate your partner is, the more unadventurous your partner may be. This basic position may also suggest that your partner is not confident, insecure, and need reassurance from how his partner responds.

Doggystyle- Men love this position because it gives them that animalistic control. It’s also a position that their female partner isn’t naturally equipped to pull off, so it gives the guy a certain level of confidence. This position may suggest that the male partner is not romantic and has a fear of intimacy. because it is without eye contact.

Women on top- Unlike missionary and doggystyle, this gives the guy the opportunity to be submissive but with confidence. Kudos to the guys who actually prefers this position, because it allows the woman to take total control. Men who like their women on top takes pleasing their partners into consideration. They get off when their woman gets off… 😉

Standing-  This bold move can be done anywhere except on the bed. Both partners who enjoy this position are considered naughty, bold, and daring. This position may also suggest that the guy is fun, mischievous, exciting, and obviously adventurous.

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Falling In Love With Your BFF


You’ve done the “unthinkable” with your best friend of the opposite sex and now you’re confused. One minute, you guys are munching on popcorn while watching Eddie Murphy’s Raw…you know, hanging out like you usually do. The next minute, you guys are making out’

You find yourself sitting on the edge of the bed, thinking “What the F… just happened?” The humor in all of this is that your bestie is on the other end, thinking the same question.

So, what’s the next step? You obviously want to know what it all means for you both. Do you approach your best friend as a potential love interest or do you both consider the situation “one-time thing”? Neither of you will want to assume anything, so here are a few suggestions…


Give yourselves several days to process what happened

Scope out how your friend feels without the pressure from prying too hard

Consider the possibility that your friend may have developed feelings for you

Ask yourself if your friend is worth more than a friend

Keep the friendship as is, if you don’t feel any romantic vibes.

All of those suggestions should come naturally for you because your bestie should be someone you’d feel comfortable communicating with. Whatever the outcome, remember that nothing beats a genuine friendship. Don’t let anything ruin that. Either look into the idea of dating or respect the decision to stay friends. Either way, you’ll still have your best friend.

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4 things Men want Women To Know ;)


Contrary to popular belief, we women know that we give you guys a hard time but that’s only because we have high, unrealistic expectation.. lol. We sometimes fail to realize that our expectations of the men we love is way off the meter. I’ve compiled a small list of the four major things guys really want us to know, so we can stop trippin’ when things don’t go our way. 😉


Men don’t have a clue what we want or how we feel- We expect our guy to be a mind reader when we know he doesn’t have that ability. Communicating beats assuming any day. With PROPER communication, they’ll know what’s sensitive to us and what’s not. They’ll know what we’ll like and dislike. They’ll know what we can tolerate and what we cannot tolerate. Most importantly, they’ll know what we’ll expect from them. Men won’t have a clue about anything unless we tell them.

Men don’t express themselves until they are really ready– Ladies, if your guy has been mute, just give him time. He may need time to take in the one-hour venting session you just gave him. OR, maybe he need time for that unexpected question you asked him a couple of days ago to resonate with him. If he doesn’t have much to say and tells you that during that tense conversation, it’s not that he’s being uncompassionate, he just need to time to come up with the words to explain his side or express his concern without hurting your feelings.

All Men Don’t Cheat– There are men out there that are capable of being faithful to their women. They can cheat if they want, but they choose not to. Those are the ones who’ll prefer stability, loyalty, and respect in a relationship. If your man doesn’t honor those, then it’s time for a new man… 😉

Men want to feel needed– What’s the point of being in a relationship if you are “Ms. Independent”? If your man feels like he isn’t needed in the relationship, he’ll bounce. There’s nothing wrong with providing for yourself, but it is wrong when you don’t give your man a chance to provide for you. Give him the time &/or chance to “be yours” through changing your tire hahaha lame example, taking you to dinner, or simply making choices that usually involves only you. Ask for his opinion on something to show him that you value his mind. Most importantly, never stop showing him how much he means to you….even after years together… 😉