Will Smith - This December Concussion, Watch the Trailer here ;)

Tyga’s new Video Stimulated! Steamy ;) Watch it here – featuring Kylie Jenner



Hey Boys and Gals,

Tyga released his new video for his new single today “Stimulated” Did you listen to the lyrics ? Damn, its very sexy – steamy – hot lyrics. You can definitely hear from the lyrics Kylie and Tyga are young loves enjoying themselves!! Good for them!! Enjoy life, have fun! That is what life is all about ;)..

They have been very private regarding their relationship in the past – because Kylie was under age. But it looks like this video is confirming they are a couple and it is all out in the open now.

Anyway, I really loved the tunes in the beginning!! Sounds awesome – Good Job Tyga!! I like he’s style – I think its cool he is acting like he is rehearsing the song in the video. Kylie could have been a little more steamy looking, regarding the lyrics – I was surprised to see her fully clothed. lol 😀



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Will Smith - This December Concussion, Watch the Trailer here ;)