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The Game Hooked Up With Kim Kardashian ;) The Game interview Hilarious!

Hey Boys and Gals,

I really like the GAME he is so cute, what do you think?

Anyway I am not sure if you have seen he’s reality show, it is about finding he’s future wife. He had another reality show in the past about he’s girlfriend and him marrying each other, she is now a x girlfriend because he cheated. I never watch that one. I saw one episode of the new reality show and I liked it a lot. A lot of female drama and the Game is really cool and cute, trying to find the perfect girl! I would make a smiley with hearts in my eyes lol, But I am not a computer genius and that option is not on my blog lol.. Anyway, besides he’s two reality shows, they talk about he’s new album DOCUMENTARY 2 – I can’t wait to hear it.

The juice of this interview is when The GAME is asked if – Kim Kardashian and him hooked up once – back in the day. He doesn’t say no and he doesn’t say yes, but it is obvious they had hooked up once, he had that guilty look in he’s eyes. He’s polite answer was this 😉 ‘”Kanye is a really good friend of mine and he’s got a really good family structure, That baby is just to die for and you know I don’t want to disrespect their family.

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Wendy also asked about the other Kardashian sister Khloe, – He said No she has always been a good friend chilling with the boys like a – town girl – tom girl – I think that is the expression. A girl that is kinda like a boy, often chilling with boys. I am like that too. 😉 I have loads of male friends.

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The ending of the interview is hilarious, the game has to ask 3 girls dating questions and those a date for himself, lol.. watch it above 😉

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