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Hello My Lovely Peeps,

C-hagen is AMAZING at the moment! 🙂

I had the best day at Halvvandet tanning all day eating amazing food and spending my time with awesome peeps! It is a place that reminds me of Ibiza, Denmarks Ibiza haha.. it is located by the water, and they have huge beds and good food – lounge music in the background and fit people running around in bikini’s showing of their abs – like me lol..

Afterwards we went to Toldboden another lovely spot in Copenhagen – again you sit outside by the harbor in relaxed chairs listening to a dj – while you drink wine and order food. The atmosphere at both places is unique.

These two spot’s are in my top 5 – of best places in Denmark when the sun is shinning.


My top is from Bershka, I got it on my last trip to Ibiza. My SUPER COOL BAD ASS jeans are from Bershka as well. My shoes are Kurt Geiger and my shades are Louis Vuitton – My hair is from My Mama.. haha

By the way the little dog I am carrying, is the most beautiful pompom in the world. She is called Coco Chanel and I have the honor to babysit her when ever I want ;).. JEALOUS?? I know you are!! Auntie Sabrina. 😀


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