Swedens Rihanna ;) LISTEN AND WATCH

Did you watch this video? ;)

Taylor you have never been my favorite, but nice to see you got a bit of bad gal in you!!

She is usually so cute and sweet I get bored after 30 seconds of watching her. But in this video she is rocking!! Finally you have some sexappeal, so boring looking like an angel all the time.. hehe!!

We all know, nobody are angels, so why you wanna act or look like one – BORRING. Show a bit of real personality and you become more interesting in my opinion.

Show people you are not perfect all the time, and people will be more attracted to you. Show the real you – I am not talking about Taylor now, just in general about people and personalities.

Wise words from a super tired and deep Sabrina on a Sunday eve.. hehe 😉

Godnight peeps, sleep tight.

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Swedens Rihanna ;) LISTEN AND WATCH