Drake and Serena Williams are officially a thing!!

Child 44 Official Trailer – Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace

My friend downloaded this movie for me! I can’t wait to watch it. Tom Hardy is slowly becoming one of my favorite actors after I saw him in Mad Max, I love him!! So sexy, strong and hot! AND very talented.

Noomi Rapace is seriously SOOO cool after she had her break thru in the swedish movies The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo – aka. Mænd Der Hader kvinder!! She blew my mind with her performance in those movies. Daaamn she is so cool and talented. When she was in the newest Alien movie Prometheus she did a great job as well. Of course nobody can really match Sigourney Weaver when it comes to the alien movies, she is the Queen in that area. But Powerful female power women, I LIVE for movies like these. 

I think in Child 44, it will be Tom Hardy that is the hero, I can only imagine. I look forward to watching it aaaah!! 😉

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Drake and Serena Williams are officially a thing!!