The Revenant Trailer (2016) Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy (Survival-Drama)

As you ALL know I am the biggest Movie Geek 🙂 and I can’t wait for this movie – it looks soon phenomenal, look at the way the movie is filmed, all the small details and two of my all time favorite actors!!

Especially Leonardo DiCaprio – you won’t get a more talented actor than this guy!! I LOVE boy movies. It looks packed with action, drama and an awesome story behind the movie. The movie is about Bear hunters – based on true events.

I was lucky enough to meet Leonardo DiCaprio in NYC – on one of my travels – at a club. He was dressed very undercover like a tacky turist. He was wearing a raincoat tired around he’s waist and he had a huge beard, that covered he’s face. He looked like a bum Basically. I am such a huge fan – it was awesome to talk to him for a few minuts. I mentioned I have roots in Egypt and he told me about he’s last birthday – he spend inside one of the Pyramids in Cairo. He was very friendly, sweet and fun. Also I was surprised about how down to earth he was.

Anyway I can’t wait for this movie it looks mind-blowing good!! I am sure All the boyz agree with me, come on ladies, get with the program. We don’t want all that lovey dovey stuff!! – Vanilla and Roses 😉 We want action, hot and talented boys – in our movie entertainment.. 😀

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