Khloe Kardashian Hangs With James Harden in Vegas, Rapper Trina Calls "Sloppy Seconds"

Scott AKA The LORD Missed he’s Daughters Bday



I feel so bad for Kourtney, loosing her baby daddy! The love of her life!! It must be so sad! But at the same time she was turning into a paranoid, negative, unhappy woman. She didn’t seem happy in the Kardashian episodes ;( It seemed liked, she always had to be the grown up person in their relationship and it made her a bit cynical. Sad – but I can imagine she must feel a bit relieved as well, a HUGE weight lifted of her shoulders.

LADIES: Remember to keep this in mind ;), the guy you choose to be your baby daddy will be in your life forever – before you make the decision to have a baby with him, picture you and him separating in your head. Would he still be a good single Daddy? Would he act cool towards you? Or would he turn into an ASShole? Its not romantic – but its a SMART way to think, before you make a big decision like that!

Im Your girl power mama.. lol 😀

Yesterday was Penelope Disick’s – daughter of the broken up couple Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick – 3rd birthday. The birthday was spend in Disney land 

Penelope’s mother Kourtney and brother Mason were there together with Kim Kardashian, cousin North, grandmother Kris Jenner with boyfriend Corey and other family friends.

Scott Disick was no where to where to be found since he was still out partying. Scott hasn’t returned home the last one month and half which was one of the reasons they called it QUITS read more below, click the link:

Khloe Kardashian was unable to attend the festivities due to work but she took to social media and posted several loving messages and pictures. Penelope’s father Scott posted a photo collage of Penelope late Wednesday night saying: “1 of the only things I’m proud off about myself. Happybdayp” 

Kourtney and Penelope wore matching Tinkerbell outfits and Kim and North wore Yeezus t-shirt in support of Kanye West.

Thank you for stopping by!! I hope this was some juicy gossip on a BORRING raining summer day. Whats happening seriously, maybe it was not wise to be in Denmark the whole summer.. haha ;( – London im coming back.

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