Bruce Jenner AKA Caitlyn Jenners upcoming E Show ''I AM Cait''

Roskilde Festival 2015


My sexy Peeeeeps!!!

I went to Roskilde Festival last Saturday, I got a last minut – VIP Ticket!! Also called Mediebys ticket – This was one of my outfitts for the day!!

Ripped Jeans from ibiza and a sexy top from Triumph – with some Leopard shoes from Top shop.

I had a BLAST with all my lovely and awesome friends.

Look below for crazy videos of me dancing. I am trying to dance like I am in the movie Dirty Dancing!! I am doing the jump with a good friend of mine muhahaha…

Nicki Minaj – She was my favorite performer of the day, I went crazy when I heard her music. I had so much energy and pulled all my friends out of their hangover, they had been at Roskilde partying all 4 days!! damn.. Nicki had hot outfits, her dancers where talented, but she didn’t have so much spark!! I could tell she was performing on a rutine, so that wasn’t great!! I had fun cos I was in the zone at that time 😉

Poul McCartney – was not really my style!! I heard 1 or 2 songs and disappeared. My parents would have loved to hear him, but for me he’s songs where very slow and I couldn’t get into it. No Doubt – I was happy to experience him doing he’s thing.

Suspekt – The last performers of the night!! I once made a music video for them 😉 : Sut den op fra Slap – watch it here lol :

They are cool danish hip hop boys, but not the best at huge crowds their musik is better for small crowds. But They got something bad ASS – I like them.


Another Roskilde outfit during the day when it was 34 Degrees


The videos where we are going cray!! 😀 Enjoy it and you missed out big time, if you where not at the festival 😉



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Bruce Jenner AKA Caitlyn Jenners upcoming E Show ''I AM Cait''