Find Out Where You Can Buy My Green Froggy Jeans ;)

CIARA – DANCE LIKE WE’RE MAKING LOVE – New video watch it here!!

This girl has always been my BODY role model!! Her Body is so freaking fit and sexy at the same time, she is a huge inspiration for me. I have her body image in my head when I go to the gym.. 🙂

Her body is Perfect!! GIRL CRUSH – BIG TIME!!

On top of that, she is such a amazing, awesome dancer, her moves are incredible!! – is that really fair hahaha 😀

I Love strong, inspirational, beautiful, sexy and powerful women!! I have never been a hater – always a lover when it comes to strong females with beauty and skills!! CIARA I SOLUTE YOU!! – You rock – you cray creature… 😉

Ladies never be threatened by females that are MORE beautiful, successful or stronger than you!! Let yourself be inspired – being jealous is weak!! – that is beneath us 😉 I want all you strong, pretty ladies to stick together and own it!! Not compete with each other or act jealous.

Food for Thought!! – girlpower Tuesday. 



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Find Out Where You Can Buy My Green Froggy Jeans ;)