Sean Penn & Charlize Theron Reunited and it feels SOOOO AKWARD ;)

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron were back together Wednesday after they were forced to reunite in South Africa for re-shoots on the set of their movie … six weeks after they ended their engagement. 

To make matters worse … Penn’s the director of “The Last Face” and Theron’s the star … so he’s her boss. Not awkward in the slightest.

Theron and Penn broke things off back in June after getting engaged in December 2014.




My Words Of Wisdom ;) and Alicia!

Hello Ladies,

This week is all about empowring yourself and feeling strong. Being proud of yourself as a female is very important. You need to feel it – deep inside yourself. focus until you feel it in your bones, heart, muscles and mind!! Don’t just think good things about yourself, feel them all the way inside, fill yourself up with positive energy. As you all know I am deeply against all that danish crap called JANTE LOV – A word you will know about if you are danish. Anyway some danish people believe in hiding your success and being very humble about it and yourself. As you can see from my blog, it is very far away from my personality!! I believe in showing off  – if that is what you feel like doing. Talking about your succes and yourself if that is what you are in the mood for. I do not think people should walk around with their heads bent down and apologize for their success – who – or what they are. There is room for all kinds of people and personalities in this world and we shouldn’t judge each other – feel threatened by people that are different than ourselves. We should embrace other people and learn from each others succes and personalities. 

My Goodnight story zzzzzzz – words of wisdom on a Thursday eve. Thx you for listening.

Summerparty 2015 – MEET


Hey Boys and Girls,

These pictures are from the Summer Party last Friday where I went for dinner at MEET with 50 other friends and a bus with a lot of booze took us to Hornbæk at 10 pm. It is 1 hour drive from Copenhagen. We stayed there and went nuts – partying until 3 am and the bus took us back to central Copenhagen ;).. It was a awesome, fun exsperience.

I am wearing my Louis Vuitton stilettos and my gorgeous red La Perla dress, my cardigan is from H&M not so glamorous haha 🙂 My watch is from Breitling.

I am wearing fake eyelashes and a thick eyeliner – all from Mac. 😉

Enjoy your day 😉

Alicia Keys week – A Woman’s Worth – Watch it here ;)

Hello Peeps,

Its midnight Wednesday evening and I wanna play this song to all my amazing sexy Ladies out there, to remind you about your WORTH!! Don’t take any crap from no Mans!! 😉

I needed to remind myself about that too! hehe.. not funny actually! .. 😉 .. 

A HUGE Power hug from your Girl! Thx you for stopping by 😉

Sweet dreams Godnight.. zzzz 😉

Alicia Keys Week – Fallin!! – Watch it here ;)

Yolo, Remember this amazing oldie but a GOODIE!! 

Alicia made Cornrows IN!! I had my hair braided exactly like her, when this song came out!! Hahaha.. Long time ago. Me and my childhood friend – she is mixed race like me. We where all braided out at that time 😉

I still LOVE this song and I still Love Braids! I think it might be time to braid my hair – what do you think?? Should I keep my curls and get a few braids on the side 😉 I did that 2 years ago in Ibiza!! It looked cool and bad-ass!! People where into it.

I like looking Unique. Do whatever the F… you wanna do – and stop caring what people think! That is my Life MOTTO 😉