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Holly Madison reveals nasty Details About Hugh Hefners Bedroom Activities!


Hi Ladies and Gents,

I guess we are all curious about what life would be like, living in the Playboy Mansion.

Not something I would want to try, I can only imagine charring a super old man with other pretty ladies, the whole situation sounds awful and very strange. The only one who enjoyed it is probably Hugh Hefner. But the ladies are dumb in my opinion, they could just leave instead of acting like victims, it was their own choose to sleep with a very old guy, because they wanted to be famous. Sorry Holly i don’t feel sorry for you. You made your bed and now you have to lie in it. Holly has written a new book about her life in the Playboy Mansion and it is all negative.

Watch the video on the link below, where Holly speaks about her life in the Playboy Mansion and talks bad about Hugh Hefner 😉 Enjoy!

More Playboy Mansion Gossip!!

The bunnies have grown some serious claws!

Kendra Wilkinson is firing back on all cylinders against Holly Madison, who made headlines recently for spilling some serious dirt about her time inside the Playboy Mansion.

From revealing the twisted details about (press the link in thick writing for more news) her major falling out with the current Mrs. Hank Baskett, Madison really spills the tea in her new tell-all, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny.”

While Hef himself has already (press the link in thick writing for more news)  defended himself against some of the allegations in the book, saying Madison is “rewriting history,” we hadn’t heard from Kendra … until now.

“These rumors that are out there about the mansion, it’s not real,” she says in a new interview with People. “There are hundreds of people that come in and out of the mansion every day that have such a great experience. Hef has dated thousands of women, most of who still love him and they come back and love Hef and thank him for what they have done for them, including myself.”

“I am so appreciative of everything Hef has done for me. I am so appreciative of those five years living at the mansion. If it wasn’t for the mansion, I wouldn’t have met Hank, I wouldn’t have my two kids,” she continues.

Here’s where it starts to get really personal.

“I’ve moved on and I’ve grown. There are some people out there that have not done that and they’ve actually, they, obviously have different motives,” Kendra adds. “They had a different motive since day one of living at the mansion, so if this person, if Holly, you can tell she had this ulterior motive every minute being at the mansion. That motive was, it was clear as day, she wanted Hef’s kids, she wanted a piece of Playboy and she wanted to marry Hef for, obviously his will. That didn’t happen, so what do you think’s gonna happen? Revenge. We’re witnessing some revenge here.”


In the book, Holly claims Hef actually offered to add her to his will and give her $3 million at the time of his death if she didn’t leave him. Madison says she turned the offer down and left the mansion for good.

As for her relationship with Kendra, Holly says she hasn’t spoken to her in years — adding, “I don’t miss her.”

Sounds like there’s some serious bad blood here!

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