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Zoo and Safari – Wild Animals ;)




Hey Boys and Girls,

Im in Copenhagen at the moment and I spend my Sunday in the Zoo together with my familie, I had a wonderful time.

I have a passion for animals and I love my new giraf friend. Sooo cute!

You are not allowed to touch the animals, but I never follow any rules muhahaha..

I am sure I was meant to work with animals, because I love them so much. But I ended up with a different carriere – Model, Actress and Personal Trainer – now animals are one of my hobbys! I love ridding horses and spending time with – all animals actually. Dog, cats, rabbits anything with fur 😀

One of the most amazing travel experiences I ever had, was a safari trip to South Africa!! Seeing the animals in the wild, is so amazing and beautiful. I can’t even decribe how cool that trip was, its 7 years ago and I still remember every single detail.

I can definitely recommend a Safari trip, South Africa was great, I have heard Kenya and Tanzania also have amazing safari options.

Spend your time on your passions, spend your time on things you like to do!!

Life is short!! Don’t waste it!!

Enjoy your day.


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