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MET GALA 2015 – Best dresses!

Hello Lovers :)

Some of the hottest celebrities in the world attended one of the biggest nights in Fashion; The Met Gala to celebrate Anna Wintour’s latest Costume Institute Gala:

Let’s start with my 2 favorite looks – Queen Bey and Kim K! Queen B looked gorgeous in her custom Givenchy dress. One of my favorite red carpet dresses. Notice her shoes fierce!! 😉

Look at B’s Body! she is so sexy and fit – it is insane!! Biggest Girl-crush ever!! She is the ultimate girl power woman, she inspires me so much on every level. Body shape, fashion style, talent and personality!

Ladies it is not only the dress, but her posture and posing that finishes of her look.

JZ – should hit the gym a bit more, to match this beauty! haha 😀



Kim K – looks like an angelic queen! That woman can definitely dress up!! I like her latest trend – at the moment she is wearing her hair back or up! she looks sophisticated and STRONG! Her dress is mind-blowing! I can’t really choose my favorite! Her or B’s dress. The thing is – I LOVE B’s energy and aura so much, she rocks everything better! 😀



Jenny from the Block!

She is one of my fave queens!! Amazing dress!! She started the big bum evolution and everybody else copied her!! She has beautiful curves and she didn’t get bum implants like many others (I don’t judge, people can do whatever they want) – Jenny is hitting the gym like the rest of us! She always look’s gorgeous and sexy. She is a huge inspiration because she is in her 40’ties and she keeps herself so fit!


Kendall Jenner

Gorgeous young woman – beautiful and simple dress! showing a bit of side boob – lol


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I have a girl – crush on this woman too!! Wow she is so stunning and unique! amazing LIPS and DRESS. Her tall proud posture makes her look powerful!! wow what a body.


Strange dress! Lady Gaga with the Hot Husband! Taylor Kinney How did that happen?! she get’s such a hottie! Im jealous 🙂 LOL..



The Rebel heart – Bitch i’m Madonna – QUEEN!!

Girl what are you doing with that dress!! I know you can do much better!!

Another Strong Girl power Woman!! FIT and so old WOW!! HUGE inspiration and a badgal that is one of a kind. Nobody can copy her! There is only ONE Madonna – Im a FAN!! Still listen to her old songs 😉


KRIS JENNER – Her look is ugly. From her pointing shoes to her 80’ties earring’s and hair! What are you doing! you look like a red box!!


Solange AKA. Out Of Space Alien – (shaking my head) Her dress reminds me of Star-wars.


RIRI – Not your best outfit!! But I forgive you. You usually look mind blowing and stunning. Another QUUEN – I solute you.. 😀




Not my style – but it goes with her personality: Katy Perry is very goofy and acts like a little girl, so somehow it fits her personality.


Anna Hathaway – Little Gold Riding-hood – CUTE and weird






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