Find Your Way to a Summer Flat Tummy (chapter 1)

Find Your Way To A Summer Flat Tummy – Chapter 2


Find Your Way to a Summer Flat Tummy (Chapter 2)


Here is the Plan!


Regardless of whether your fat is hard or soft, or you have loose skin on your belly, the food you eat, naturally, plays a very important role. If you want to get rid of the last annoying kilos, you may have to change a few things. Like I said yesterday, diet is 70% of the result, so follow my diet plan very accurately.

DIET – overall advice:

3 main meals

1 snack meal

Eat last meal at 6 pm, nothing after 6:30 pm

2 ½ – 3 liters of water per day

Your meals:

When you have digestive issues, it is very important to start your day with foods that are easy for your body to digest, so you start up your body gently. Important note – don’t ever skip your breakfast meal! Start your day with a smoothie or a protein shake, and slowly give your stomach more challenging foods so that the digestive system is ready to process more solid foods. So, test your own body and belly and pay attention to what is good for your body and what kind of food it can handle. At the end of the day, the stomach needs easy food again in order to avoid your digestive system working overtime all night. Give you digestive system a break so it can relax instead of working during the night after a late-night, heavy meal.  You are fasting when you sleep; stop eating 4 hours before you go to bed. Like I mentioned earlier – have your last meal no later than 6 pm. You are not allowed to eat anything before breakfast. You will wake up feeling hungry, the way you should feel in the morning. The body will digest all the food from the previous day before midnight and then relax the rest of the night while you are sleeping. If it has to work all night, because you have a snack at 11 pm – you will wake up tired with no energy. Try following this advice, at least for a few days, – it will give you amazing results, I promise you!

Drink Water: another important factor is drinking ENOUGH water! Your improvement is linked to how much water your drink; water cleanses your body, gets rid of toxins, helps your cells renew themselves and much more – so drink, drink, drink lots of  WATER!!


Breakfast: Protein shake/smoothie or fresh vegetable/fruit juice and some eggs and avocado!

Snack: Many people say you have to snack all the time to keep your metabolism active all day; my experience is – you need to give your digestive system some time off, so stick to 3 main meals and 1 snack, you can decide when you need the snack but not after 6:30 pm! Nothing besides water and organic tea is allowed.

Lunch: The biggest meal of the day! You need protein, vegetables and healthy fats from olive oil, avocado, nuts or fat fish – fill you plate with a lot of veggies! I often eat a peace of chicken, fish or red meat together with vegetables (NB! – red meat, only allowed once a week!) 😉


Soups! I love fish or chicken soups with lots of vegetables, taste and power! Steam your vegetables with chicken, or cook chicken in the oven with vegetables and sweet potato. Speaking of – sweet potato or normal potato is lovely in soups, too.  Throw some fish or chicken in a wok along with veggies, and stir fry that bad boy! Delicious and simple! Don’t forget to enjoy it – remember – it is your LAST MEAL today (still around 6 pm) and then fasting all night!

foods you should avoid to get the flat belly

Why you should avoid too much beef:

Beef can be tough on your digestive system, so if your digestion is weak, watch out! Beef is very heavy and it takes your digestive system and intestines a long time to break it down and digest, so the beef can stay in your intestines and actually start to rot L You can always skip the red meat while you are on this diet for 2 – 3 weeks and slowly start with a bit of beef again, once a week.

12 hours of fasting, does it have an effect?

Studies show that giving your digestive system a rest during the night works very positively for people with a weak digestive system.

Read about what supplements to take tomorrow!! 😉

and – also – a detailed 7-day diet plan spelling out exactly what to eat! when I return from Ibiza in 1 week – you will receive the diet plan after the 5th June 😉 

Stay toned!!


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