What Famous Bodies Look Like WITHOUT Photoshop


Hi Boys and Girls,

We are all imperfect humans and nobody looks perfect. These pictures make me feel good!! haha.. The older people get, the harder it is to stay completely flawless, these pictures show that fact.

I try very hard to stay in shape, but I prefer to enjoy life at the same time and that is usually unhealthy, like going out for a drink or eating a cookie once in a while. I am happy for the way I look, but I am not perfect either. The trick is to find a balanced lifestyle, you only have one life and 1 body, do not treat yourself like a garbage disposal, but do not restrict yourself completly from enjoying life either 😉

I hate when I see small kids that are unhealthy and fat. I see them together with their parents feeding them MacDonald, its just not fair, it is a very bad start in life for them.

Anyway check out the link below and enjoy your Sunday!! xoxoxo


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