Cindy Crawford Keeping It REAL!

Free products from SAKARE .. Yaaah


I love this brand! Amazing stuff, it is definitely worth investing in!

Your body and face feels amazing, these products are very high in quality and have won numerous beauty awards. The body peeling Deep Cleansing Salt Scrub has salt from the Red Sea so I feel connected to my Egyptian roots 😉 it has big grains of salt and some kind of luxury oil, it has a great effect on dead skin cells, cellulite and it also increases the blood circulation in your legs when you scrub it in, afterwards try the Luxuriating Body Butter it is packed with moisturizer and gives your body a sensational feeling.

I promise!! LOVE IT 😉

The Mineral Peeling gel is a soft gel with enzymes, you can use it on your face twice a week it feels great, dirt and dead skin cells will peel of your face. Afterwards use the Fortifying Facial Serum, you can use it every day – morning and night. I can see a difference on my face after using it for 1 week, my face looks more smooth.

Enjoy and thank you for stopping by 😉


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Cindy Crawford Keeping It REAL!