Inside Burj Al Arab The Only 7 Star hotel in The World!

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Being part of this event was a spectacular experience. I didn’t know what to expect because I haven’t tried anything like it before. I never went to Ascot either (the famous horse race event in England), so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From what I have heard, Ascot is nothing like the Dubai World Cup – sorry Brits you can’t match the Dubai Standard or style!

No-one can match the Arabs when it comes to luxury or quality. When Arabs have money there is no turning back. They love to just spice everything up a notch – jewellery, make-up, luxury clothes, quality food, quality venues, huge clubs, spectacular restaurants, extravagant decorations, designs, architecture and lifestyle – showing off in general is very Dubai. Arabs enjoy and appreciate quality in everything they do – they love luxury and they love to flash it. Nothing is over the top, or too much, as we might think in Europe or Scandinavia. I love that about Dubai, I am half Egyptian myself so quality runs in my blood. 😉

For these reasons I believe that Dubai is the perfect place for this kind of event; the fireworks at the end of the evening, to give just one example, lasted for one hour! (if you are into explosions and coloured fireballs –>)You can see the fireworks videos in my earlier post “Dubai World Cup Part 1” 😉

When I arrived I felt a bit under-dressed, I must admit. I was lucky my childhood friend lives in Dubai and she arrived at the event before me and my friends, so I sent her a few photos of my wardrobe, and she helped me pick out which dress I should wear. If you don’t wear a hat, you will feel like an outsider. My huge hair doesn’t really work with hats, that is the only downside of my hair, but the good thing is, it never looks thin… haha

I will definitely be coming back next year; the atmosphere, energy, and the fashion style (hats and old-school dresses) made me feel like I was in a black & white movie, at a time when people called each other by their last names – ‘Miss Ziyada would you care for a drink?’  .. 😀 haha

Travelling is Living! Thank you for stopping by – see all the photos below!





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Inside Burj Al Arab The Only 7 Star hotel in The World!