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 More Fire to the Feud! Blac Chyna Keeps provoking Kylie! 

More Fire to the FEUD – Blac Chyna – keeps PROVOKING KYLIE!

Did you read my post the other day where Blac Chyna mocks Kylie with a picture of herself wearing wax lips?

Today she posted this photo below!

In case you don’t know – Blac Chyna is the ex fiance and baby momma of Kylie’s current rapper boyfriend TYGA – The father of her son KING

Both Kylie and Chyna have been annoying each other on public media for some time – Instagram and Twitter!

Obviously Blac Chyna is FURIOUS at Kylie for stealing the father of her child away from her! Understandable!

But maybe Tyga wanted to get away – who really knows the details 😉

Anyway, on her photo you see Chyna’s conversation with Tyga her baby daddy. Tyga wanting to spend time with he’s X Chyna – must give Kylie a bad taste in her mouth! Blac chyna succeeds in her little scheme, to provoke Kylie.

Blac Chyna is older than Kylie and a Mother, I think she is behaving in a immature way, showing personal messages between herself and the father Tyga to the public, is not cool.

But seriously: Tyga wanting to keep a good connection with the mother of he’s child is a good thing, they will stay connected forever, so why not keep a good atmosphere between them.

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