Yogi Tea Organic


Yogi Tea


There are so many different tea brands, and it can be confusing and difficult to figure out which one to choose.

The first thing you should look for is an organic tea; if it’s not organic – don’t drink it! It is a waste of time and effort since most of the minerals and vitamins will be gone, so you are better of drinking plain water!

Yogi tea is filled with taste and it is ORGANIC! You can drink it as regular tea, use it for cooking, or ice tea.

I am a sucker for liquorice – my favourite candy is liquorice, so obviously my favourite Yogi tea is Liquorice Mint! YUUUM!!

I drink tea in the evening and mornings. When I feel hungry in the evening or before bedtime, I try to avoid unhealthy snacking, and I drink lots of tea instead.

A good hangover cure is ginger lemon tea,  drink loads of it and you will feel better quickly.

Yogi Green tea is very good quality, it is filled with lots of taste! I hate drinking tea that tastes of warm water and almost no flavour ..haha

You can buy Yoga Tea at Helsam shops in Denmark! 😉

No7 High Shine – Lip Crayon


Hey Sexy Gorgeous Ladies,

Thank you for stopping by! Do you like this lip color? I like it! It is girlie, pretty and pink!! A great summer color for day or night 😉

I feel like a barbie doll when I wear it hihi..

Glide – on, sheer and glossy color for a lightweight, moisturised feel in an easy to apply crayon format.

I like how soft and moist my lips feel when I wear it!! I am ready to be kissed all day long.. yaaah – Always good to be prepared, lol 😉

You can Buy No7 High Shine Lip Crayon online at:


If you live in London, go to your nearest BOOTS store and get it 😉

Enjoy your weekend! I hope you get that juicy kiss 😀




Sketch Of Sabrina


Does This look like me? 🙂

Yesterday I was on my way home from Gatwick Airport sitting in the Victoria Express train. The guy sitting across from me drew this sketch, while I was listening to Alicia Keys, wearing my purple headphones and reading my book.

What do you think, does the sketch look like me? 🙂 Let me know your comments!

London is full of cool, interesting people and I love how you often meet new people in a very random way! 🙂

The book I am reading is The International Bestseller: WILD by Cheryl Strayed The book was made into a movie, but the movie sucked! I love the book, I am almost finished – check it out.

I am off to the gym now – Equinox, The best gym in London! I will do 1 hour yoga, 1 hour strength training, 30 min. shower and steam – then 30 minutes sports massage!!

You have to put in the effort, if you want to get the results.

Have a Nice day!!

Happy Thursday!




Julia Otilia Organic Jewellery – www.juliaotilia.com


Dear Readers,

Julia Otilia’s Jewelry is awesome! I love her designs; they are feminine, soft and unique. They feel great on my skin when I wear them.

One bracelet has wild harvest Tagua Nuts from Ecuador 39.95 Euros, the other one has Eco leather from South Africa.

My favorite bracelet is the Eco leather 24.95 Euros, it looks great on my skin tone, it is natural and pretty. The leather she uses in this collection is from free walking goats and water buffalo’s in Nigeria and South Africa. The leather is prepared by hand through all natural methods and treated with vegetable wax to sustain its beauty. Awesome, right?!

All pearls in this collection are natural, sweet water pearls. They grow slowly on small family farms in the Hainan province of China, with good conditions for everyone involved.

Notice my Dancing Leaf earrings 29.95 Euros, they match my Dancing Leaf with Pearl chain necklace 29.95 Euros and Eko leather bracelet: Love them!!

All pieces are designed in alignment with nature and made by loving hands in The Netherlands and on Bali.

If you need to buy a gift for yourself or a loved one, this is a good idea!


You can buy these pretty items on her website: www.juliaotilia.com






Summer Shoe Inspiration – New Shoes from YSL 

Hi Ladies,

Thank you for stopping by!!

Valentino and  Christian Louboutin go home! Quality and comfort-ability YSL by far wins the price.

I love expensive beautiful shoes, I am sure most women do. But being comfortable when you wear your beautiful shoes, is the most important thing for me, otherwise you look like an idiot limping around with pain wearing your sexy dress. The reason all women love expensive, beautiful shoes is because it makes us feel sexy, desirable and feminine when we wear them  – am I right!? The sexy feeling is what makes us go the extra mile and spend an insane amount of money.

The most comfortable shoe brand in my opinion is Yves Saint Laurent! This heel is only 10 cm. I am 174 cm tall, so I don’t need very high heels. I do Love a long thin sexy heel, but regarding comfort-ability, I will always go with the 10 cm heel. I can use them during the day for a lunch date, and also at night with a sexy cocktail dress at a membership Club in Mayfair.

You won’t go wrong with YSL they are very, very comfortable, sexy, chic and stylish.