Fairmont Dubai

Movida Night – Dubai ;)





Last Night was Awesome. 

 We had dinner at our hotel in the Gold Membership lounge – I love that lounge! 

The service is awesome.

I like red wine and green tea, the waitress will have my drinks ready as soon as she ses me enter the room.  I love you Fairmont!

 Afterwards we went to Movida – great music! Yesterday was Hip Hop Night!!! Yaaah

I was dancing until 5 am in heels – it killed my feet! 😉 

Today I was chilling by the pool!! Gymming it as usual with a hangover! I rock 😉

 I got my nails done 😉

They are gel natural nails!         

I love them! 

Tomorrow im going to Eden I heard its a great place to chill, suntan, eat and listen to nice music! 

Stay tooned to se the pictures tomorrow.. 


I got some work done today by the pool! I had two video castings for two different TV commercial, one of the commercials is for mobilepay and they want my mother in the commercial as well!! So I sent my Mom to the casting in Denmark and I was lucky I could send a video of myself. 

The other commercial is for Vanish – I have to make another video for them tomorrow 😉 

Cross your fingers for me so I will get both jobs! 

Enjoy your evening xoxo 

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