Dubai World Cup 28th March 2015 Part 1 


Hey Boys and Girls,

I enjoyed being part of this Amazing event.

I have not tried anything like it and I LOVED it!! Dubai knows how to make everything more beautiful. During the horse race people would mingle, eat and drink champagne. I was taking pictures of all the cool hats and outfits, there where two lounges the Jaguar and Moet VIP lounge where I meet some really hot people. Look forward to Seeing Part 2 where I show pictures of the HOT Boys and Girls!! Hihi

After the race Kylie Minogue performed a concert, the vibe at this event was awesome peoples positive energy was out of control. I meet so many cool people from around the world and we stayed until midnight when the concert finished.


Today I was at this beautiful private beach that is part of Burj Al Arab!! The famous 7 Star hotel. Stay tooned for all the photos!!

Eden Brunch pool party ;) Dubai 



Hey 🙂

I had a great time at Eden its located in the Marina area of Dubai.

The pools and beach are connected and there is a big party With DJ’s. A lot of tourists come there to party. The British tourist where a nightmare they got crazy drunk Essex style, bouncers had to carry them out. I do NOT think its a cool behavior when you are in Dubai, I try my best to act responsible so I blend in with the culture.

I had a good time with my crew of friends, this is my 4th time to Dubai. I have many friends living here that can take me out and tell me whats fun to do on which days. My childhood friend from Denmark lives here, it has been great to see her and catch up.

I’m staying here 11 nights, its lovely to get some time to chill by the beach and pool, and go out in the evenings. Yesterday I chilled all day by the beach and went to bed early.

Today I am feeling amazing I will go to the gym, suntan by the pool and get a massage. 🙂 Living the good life.

Stay tuned for pictures from Dubai World Cup March 28th 2015. Amazing experience I have never seen so many beautiful horses or hats in my life, I will upload pictures and videos tomorrow.

Enjoy your day, I know I Will 🙂


Video From Dubai ;)


See how fantastic Dubai Fairmont is 😉 

A little Hallo from me to all my readers on the blog. 

Thank you for following me. 

Muaaaah 😉 ..

Beach Day in Dubai ;)  


I had a great day at the beach! 

Dubai is lovely and the water is warm. Your body feels so healthy when you have been in the sea and received D vitamin from the sun.

I hope you are planning on a vaccation. 

The beach is named: Public Jumeirah Beach 😉 if you plan on going to Dubai 😉 


Movida Night – Dubai ;)





Last Night was Awesome. 

 We had dinner at our hotel in the Gold Membership lounge – I love that lounge! 

The service is awesome.

I like red wine and green tea, the waitress will have my drinks ready as soon as she ses me enter the room.  I love you Fairmont!

 Afterwards we went to Movida – great music! Yesterday was Hip Hop Night!!! Yaaah

I was dancing until 5 am in heels – it killed my feet! 😉 

Today I was chilling by the pool!! Gymming it as usual with a hangover! I rock 😉

 I got my nails done 😉

They are gel natural nails!         

I love them! 

Tomorrow im going to Eden I heard its a great place to chill, suntan, eat and listen to nice music! 

Stay tooned to se the pictures tomorrow.. 


I got some work done today by the pool! I had two video castings for two different TV commercial, one of the commercials is for mobilepay and they want my mother in the commercial as well!! So I sent my Mom to the casting in Denmark and I was lucky I could send a video of myself. 

The other commercial is for Vanish – I have to make another video for them tomorrow 😉 

Cross your fingers for me so I will get both jobs! 

Enjoy your evening xoxo