Famous Celebrity Meeting - Saturday Night ;) – Check Out Who and see the Pictures on my Blog ;)!!

New Years Eve at SKT Petri – See All The Photos Here!!

My New Years Eve at Skt. Petri hotel.

Hey Boyz & Girls,

Welcome to 2015!! I hope you had a blast coming into the New Year. I know, I did!!

I enjoyed a 5 course meal at a 5 star hotel with friends and family and a exclusive party afterwards.

My group and I had also booked hotel rooms, so we didn’t have to stress about transportation after the party.
Instead we enjoyed a jummi breakfast buffet the next day, when we all had a bad hangover haha..

Watching everybody eating breakfast is the most hilarious part of the event. People look ridiculous the morning after New Years. My friends and I had hysterical laughing episodes just looked at everybody’s swollen faces and bodies trying get comfortable while sleeping and eating at the same time. We also looked quite funny ourselves 🙂

I love New Years and I like to make a big deal out of it.
Getting all dressed up having an amazing time with your friends and family and feeling like the prettiest girl in the world, is what its all about 🙂

I went to the hair dresser to get something new. I had it straight this year and got some amazing long eye-lashed from Mac. Usually i don’t wear fake eye lashes, I’m lucky I have long once naturally. But New Years Eve you are allowed to go a bit overboard with make up and sexiness.
I had a big eyed Bambi look with gold highlights from Mac on my cheek bones and eye lids a black eyeliner around my eyes and bronze lip gloss I made myself, by adding a bit of gold shiny eye shadow from Mac on the lips and a clear lip-gloss to plump your lips on top. My favourite mascara is Dior Show, I can’t live without it.

A great tip for you girls. If you are wearing a lot of eye make up, avoid having strong colours on the lips. The fashion rule is either accentuate your eyes or your lips, if you do both, it can easily look a bit cheep, like a bimbo. For example Smokey eyes and red lips, that’s a disaster, waaaay to much colour happening and I think drag queen straight away.. haha

I was wearing Gucci sandals my Rado Watch, 2 gold necklaces that are very dear to me, I have from Egypt and a amazing hot dress I found in Ibiza last summer the brand is called Nevada Love.

I had a great evening, good party, nice surroundings and fun people. If I had to say a negative thing about the evening, the food was a disappointment this year, it didn’t have much taste only the desserts where good. And the air-condition way to cold when you are wearing a tiny dress.

But besides that a tip top evening and a great way to celebrate.

Enjoy the photos. XO











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Famous Celebrity Meeting - Saturday Night ;) – Check Out Who and see the Pictures on my Blog ;)!!