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Is My Man Into Me For Real?


Is My Man Into Me For Real?

Chapter 1

I have some good advice to all the girls out there who are in doubt about their relationship or the MAN they are dating. This advice is for girls who have been in a relationship for 10 years or just 10 weeks. In short: It is applicable for all of you!
Does my man treat me like he should? Why do I feel insecure all the time, is it his fault? Am I going crazy, or is something wrong? Why am I sad when everything looks perfect from the outside?
If these questions have ever entered your mind, you should read this article. For obvious reasons I don’t know what problems you have in your relationship or what you are in doubt about, regarding the MAN you are seeing. What I can tell you, though, are facts about men, and how they act when they are into a woman!! Hopefully this can give you an idea about your relationship!
First of all, many MEN are experts in saying what women want to hear. The only thing you can really count on are their actions. Actions speak louder than words, the words are nice and romantic but what you should be listening to are their actions.
So here is a list of actions you should see from your MAN who is INTO you!!
Sex is important in any relationship.
Does your man jump you when you are wearing your sexy Agent Provocateur underwear ?
I am sure he does, this is normal (if not he has serious problems – a whole other post haha
Another scenario – you are at home wearing your ugly clothes. We ALL have it, our relaxed sweatpants and scruffy t-shirt, or our grand-mom pajamas that make your bootie look saggy.. haha.. You have no make-up on, looking tired after a busy day. If you Man is INTO you for Real and Really loves you, he will find you irresistible once in a while in these situations. Because to him you are still charming and adorable even though you look let’s say a bit less desirable.
If he ONLY finds you cute when you are ALL dressed up, the love is superficial and he is NOT a keeper.
Now I am not saying you should kick your man to the curb if he doesn’t jump you each time you look like an idiot (wearing your Granny outfit); but if he doesn’t find you irresistible once in a while when you are wearing you chill clothes, he is NOT into you.
Every girl deserves a Man that makes them feel beautiful even when they are not making an effort 😉
Don’t settle for anything less, ladies, you deserve the best.
Don’t misunderstand this post! I am not saying you shouldn’t dress up, make an effort to look hot and buy sexy outfits. Please do, it’s good for you and your partner. You’ll feel like a queen and he will be blinded by your beauty.
Look forward to chapter 2 tomorrow, more good advice!

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