Sexy Bikini Pics

Which legs are mine ;)


I am sure you love to Lie in the sun just as I do, and there are many benefits to doing just that – Absorbing Vitamin D being one, having Sexy brown legs another!

Wearing sunscreen while in the Sun is a must for me, and should be for you, too. While having the gorgeous bronze glow is desirable – wrinkles are most definitely NOT! Women have thinner skin than men and we get wrinkles much easier, and exposure to sun is one of the biggest contributors to a wrinkly face than anything else (don’t get me started on solarium sunbeds) This doesn’t mean that you should stay home forever – it means protect your face whenever you sunbathe. I started to protect my face with high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) sunscreen in my early twenties. A sunscreen with an SPF between 30-50 is recommended – remember to re-apply every few hours.

Yes I know what you are thinking; “Why have the brown sexy body of Halle Berry, if your face looks like a person that have not seen the sun for a 100 years?” And you are absolutely right – this is not a hot combination, so here is the solution (we want the colour, not the wrinkles right girls?!): Use self-tan on your face! Its that simple, really.

Please protect that pretty face, Ladies, you will have to look at it all your life and we want to avoid Botox as long time as we can – and remember – the face goes from your hair line and down to your chest – You don’t want them nasty wrinkles between your puppies either ;)

Enjoy! Xx

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Sexy Bikini Pics