Want To Move To London ? You Need To Know This, Chapter 1


Guidelines if you are considering moving to London.

I decided to give you some good pointers if you are considering moving here.

  1. Rent is very expensive in London – if you compare London with other countries London is always the most expensive place to rent or buy apartments. I have heard Paris is expensive as well. NYC, LA, Miami and Dubai are cheaper than London. I live in Zone 1, the most expensive place in London, I live in Mayfair. I live here because it is the heart of London – the most central place. Comparing it to Copenhagen you could say, I am located at Kongens Nytorv. It is  difficult to compare it to Copenhagen because London is SOO different. If I didn’t live in Mayfair and I had to choose another location I would recommend  Knightsbridge, South Kensington, Chelsea, Nothing-hill, Maida vale and Marylebone nice locations and central, lovely places. London has different zones, zone 1,2,3,4,5,6 – zone 1 is the most expensive and located most central. The higher the numbers get the rent gets cheaper and the location further away from central. I would always recommend living in zone 1 or 2 if you can afford it. It is the best locations because you are close to all the most exclusive clubs, restaurants, museums, tourist attractions, shops, oxford street( the famous shopping area) hotels and spas. Zone 1 and 2 is also the safest places in London, the further away you get from central the more ghetto areas you will encounter. I only see the ghetto areas if I have a casting some where away from central or if I visit some friends that live there. I blend in with my curly hair, ripped jeans and sneakers hahaha.. 🙂 In the ghetto there will be more crime and less security around. 12 million people live in London, therefore you will encounter all types of nationalities and all types of people, poor people included. Like all big cities London has ghetto areas and crime. I never see any poor people in my area, except the bums that hang out on the street asking for coins. I never experienced any unpleasant situations ever. I never got attacked or followed. But I never do stupid things like, walk around on my own at night, or walk home from a nightclub. I live on a street where they have security cameras everywhere, high positioned political people have apartments around my area, therefore the security is on point, security is very prioritized in my area. Living in Zone 1  you save money on transportation because you can walk everywhere and you always feel safe. On top of that you will never be alone, always loads of people of the street whatever the time might be. Zone 2 is also cool you will be close to everything. You can jump on the tube and it will take you 2-3 stops to get anywhere you want around central.
  2. Living with Room Mates, where ever you those to live you will have to prepare yourself for the room mate life. It is very strange at first because it is different from what you are used to. You can find a friend to rent with and share the expenses. I would recommend that – or those your own room mates like I do. Living on your own will be very expensive. To Live in Mayfair on your own in a tiny Mayfair apartment, 1 small bedroom, 1 small living room, kitchen and bathroom. You will minimum have to pay around 2000 pounds, 20.000 kroner per month. The living expenses will be on top of that. I live in a 3 bedroom apartment in Mayfair – I have my own Suite, that means I have my own private bathroom. Overall in the apartment we have 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and a huge living-room and kitchen. Living with room mates can be great and it can also be annoying, it really depends on the people you live with. I became great friends with my last room mate, he is a dream come true. He cleans the whole apartment once a week, cleans my stuff in the kitchen, haha.. and he is always positive and fun to be around. I prefer choosing my own room mates, you will probably not have that option, therefore I suggest renting together with a friend. I like having room mates because London is such a big hectic city, it feels good to have people around. I don’t feel the same way when I am in Denmark. I would hate having a room mate, living in Denmark. Anyway most people don’t have a choice, if you would like to try the London life, you will have to get used to the thought of living with a room mate or room mates.

More London Info Tomorrow 😉 Stay Tooned!!

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Novikov Dinner, Make up, Travel guide

Hi Peeps,

I was out on Saturday and we started our night at Novikov with an amazing dinner.

I was with all my London ladies, on the below picture you will see myself 1 danish girl and a Norwegian girl. We are a big community of Scandinavians that are based in London.

We started off with some sushi! I didn’t have time to take the picture before some of it was gone. While we where eating our starter, I remembered I didn’t bring my ID with me. So Annoying, even thou I am old enough to go to clubs, all the clubs in London expect you to show ID, or you can’t get in anywhere. So I had to leave the restaurant and run home and get it. Luckily I Live 5 min. walk from Novikov, so I was back quickly. 😉

Some yummy Beef – the food here is so good! I could eat at Novikov every night.

Some vegetables with noodles.

Novikov has 2 restaurants and 2 bars. A Huge bar on the lower ground and a small one next to the restaurants, where you can chill while you wait for your table.

This is the Asien restaurant, the other one is Italien. I prefer the Asien actually, a lot of their food reminds me of Hakkasan – another amazing restaurant in London Mayfair.

Lobster … Oh So GOOD!

Another Kind of Fish!! I am not sure what kind it was, it was too spicey for my taste.

My brother from another Mother! My BFF Of 6 years – He was my first friend when I moved to London. He knows all the right people and is very well connected.

Pretty ladies



Not only is the taste sensational, the way they present it is so beautiful. The chocolate kage and sorbet ice-cream is my favorite!! JUM JUM – If you come to london you must try it.


To Create This MAKE UP LOOK I used the below products!!

Exquiste Ego Eye Shadow Mac, a must have in your collection – golden shade for the finished look.

Studio Finish Concealer NC42 Mac I use it for highlights with my contouring and concealer under my eyes.

Contouring – Mac A42 Matchmaster concealer 

Foundation –Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 NC44

Eyeshadow – Biocura Eye Shadow DUO Smokey eyes

Lip Liner -Loreal Lip liner 703 Indefectible Infaillible 

Mac lipstick – Vegas Volt Amplifies

I use Studio Fix powder from mac, find your own shade 😉

Blush – Mac A14 Gold Deposit for my cheek bones, it gives the sun kissed look

Blush – Mac Love Joy – to lift my cheek bones

Brows – I use a Brown Mac eyshadow 😉 I also use it for the eyes.

Mascara  – Loreal Double Extension Carbon Black Fortifying extending Mascara


After dinner we went to Charlie a new club right next to Novikov – across the  street actually. Then Libertine another nightclub where a lot of footballers hangout. We had a good time.

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My Top 10 Travel Destinations ;)


Hey Peeps,

I have been traveling all my life and it is my greatest passion. My first independant trip – I was 16 and I went to Atlanta for 1 month, Damn I remember how nervous I was, I knew a girl there and I stayed with her and her familie for 1 month. They where great, except her sisters husband had a crush on me that was strange, I remember him checking me out when I was in the pool – uncomfortable. They also lived in the house with us. Anyway traveling by myself was so scary at that time, all the different airports, I had to change flights and I was so nervous. But can you blame me – I was 16 and on my own haha..

My second adventure – I was 17 and I wen’t backpacking in Thailand for 1 month with my best friend, she moved their with her danish parents. We had the most amazing trip ever. The only bummer on the trip was I got a stomach bug and I was sick for 1 week, I am so Skinny on all the pictures. LOL.. But wow we meet some cool peeps from all over the world. Being indepedant and on our own, traveling from island to island – staying in primitive huts was so much fun, the only bummer was showering in cold water and we got our stuff stolen on New years EVE!! The lock to our primitive hut was easy to break. AHH going to a Thai police station the next morning with a hangover was not exciting. Riding on Elephants and bathing in beautiful waterfalls while looking at the amazing nature are some of the things I remember the most. In Bangkok we went to a crocodile zoo. What a different dirty city with all the bars, she – males and drunk people. The full Moon parties on the islands where super wild for 2 young girls like us, and we loved it.

Traveling is still my greatest passion. I spend all my money on traveling and not Chanel bags ;)…haha!! You have to prioritize – experiences for life or a leather bag haha..

I still miss a few destinations like Australia, I am very excited about going there one day.

The best vacation ever was when I went with my dad to South Africa on a safari trip, I still remember every moment like it was yesterday. I love nature and animals so I was in my most perfect element on that trip.

My 10 Favorite Destinations

1. New York

2. Dubai

3. South Africa (Safari in the bush! it was probably the best experience of my life )

4. Ibiza

5. Las Vegas

6. London

7. Egypt

8. Miami

9. La

10. Thailand



Jump ;) or are you a Chicken?

Hey Peeps, 

Like I mentioned earlier in my Fashion & Travel Guide post! HALVVANDET is so lovely when the sun is shining! Here I am jumping in the water, trying to show of my skills lol ;).. Do you like to jump in the water?! or are you a chicken.. hihi – I love ALL water sports.

The below picture – I took this morning before I went out for my run! Just wanted to brag a bit, because my abs are visible and I am in a good shredded shape ;)…

If I can’t show of on my blog – where can I haha…

Also notice my tan lines, this mama got some color! 😉

Travel guide & Fashion


Hello My Lovely Peeps,

C-hagen is AMAZING at the moment! 🙂

I had the best day at Halvvandet tanning all day eating amazing food and spending my time with awesome peeps! It is a place that reminds me of Ibiza, Denmarks Ibiza haha.. it is located by the water, and they have huge beds and good food – lounge music in the background and fit people running around in bikini’s showing of their abs – like me lol..

Afterwards we went to Toldboden another lovely spot in Copenhagen – again you sit outside by the harbor in relaxed chairs listening to a dj – while you drink wine and order food. The atmosphere at both places is unique.

These two spot’s are in my top 5 – of best places in Denmark when the sun is shinning.


My top is from Bershka, I got it on my last trip to Ibiza. My SUPER COOL BAD ASS jeans are from Bershka as well. My shoes are Kurt Geiger and my shades are Louis Vuitton – My hair is from My Mama.. haha

By the way the little dog I am carrying, is the most beautiful pompom in the world. She is called Coco Chanel and I have the honor to babysit her when ever I want ;).. JEALOUS?? I know you are!! Auntie Sabrina. 😀