My Birthday

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Hey Peeps,

I had the BEST BDAY! Spa with my BFF we went to Well-Come by Amazing Space in Hellerup. I can recommend the spa it was lovely. 1 hour massage will give you access to the gym and spa. We chilled out for 4 hours and then we went to Victor for dinner where I meet up with some other ladies I have know for 15 years. Victor is always a success the service, food and atmosphere is great, and they gave me a bottle of champagne for free. weiii Thank you! I was spoiled rotten with expensive gifts! I guess it pays of to celebrate your bday lol 😀

The next day another other group of friends surprised me with a Bday lunch at Fiat another great lunch spot in central Copenhagen, the sun was out and it was a lovely day! 😉 I got some beautiful flowers and I had a awesome time.

What a PERFECT Bday.

I was so happy!!

Tomorrow i am off to Las Vegas! Another luxury Bday Gift!

I am all packed and ready for take off. Can’t wait!!! Weeeiiii!!

Follow my blog the next 10 days to watch my Vegas adventures 😉

One day In London

8 am wake up in my Mayfair Crib – looking a bit tired lol 😉


I wake up and I drink 1 liter water, so I am hydrated for my run and my face looks young 😉

I eat some fruit before my fasted cardio in the morning, then you will burn pure fat, but remember to jog. Sprints will burn your muscles because you didn’t eat any protein. 

Say hi to my running body the squall 😉

Beautiful nature around Green Park and St James Park – My running area!


I run by Buckingham palace as well, it is a good idea to start your day with saying Hello to the Queens crib 😉    

5 K done.

Then I worked on my blog for 2 hours!

I took a long shower and ate breakfast, salmon and scrabbled eggs.

Next picture I am on my way to a casting at 1 pm. A casting for a TV commercial, I had to act with a cute mixed race guy a model – we where a couple decorating a Christmas tree. It was a little awkward because I had to tickle, hug and kiss him lol – a complete stranger, but we did a good job! Cross your fingers they liked me 😉 All the models at the casting where paired up as couples, to see if they could act. It was only mixed boys and girls at the casting, damn people where beautiful – NEWS Models, MOT models and BMA Models.

After my casting I worked a bit more on my blog, made lunch and dinner a chicken soup with potato, tomatoes, onions, spice’s and real chicken peaces with the bone, the bone enhances the flavor in the soup. chop the vegetables in small peaces and Boil it together with the chicken peaces, when its all done, take the chicken of the bones and throw the bones out. Soup finished. Afterwards I answered emails.

I had my second workout of the day at 7 pm at Gymway in Marble Arch. A PT friend of mine works there. I took a danish girlfriend with me and we joined her Metcom Class!! The girl that teaches is a Romanian machine a warrior woman. She is so tough, I almost died – I was crawling around the gym area afterwards 😀

We finished out class and I did a well deserved 30 minutes stretching session 😉  Don’t forget your flexibility, important stuff if you want to avoid injuries. I love doing the splits.

I was home at 9 pm 😉 I had more chicken soup!! Showered – Put new make up on and went out to meet my friend in front of my crib at 10:15 pm – we smoked Shisha (the arabic waterpibe) 😉 around the corner from my apartment and had a fun chat until midnight and I went home to sleep.

A average Monday in Sabrina’s London life. 😀

The perfect summer Day 


Hey Boys and Gals,

Some random pics from a gorgeous summer day.

I went running in the morning – then I went to Islandsbrygge with my friends a lovely area in Denmark where you can suntan and jump in the cold water hehe…

Afterwards we had been frying in the sun all day, we had a huge amount of gorgeous sushi,  and 10 pm we went to the cinema and saw the amazing movie Southpaw!!! In a new cinema in Fields, it is a huge mall in Copenhagen – very nice cinema – so international built. It reminds me of cinema’s in Dubai!! Try it!! DAAAAMN the movie  is good – promise me you will go watch it! PLEASE Jake Gyllenhall and Rachel Mcadams what a combination so much talent in one movie. 😉 Enjoy!!

I am and will always be a movie geek.. hehe 😀

Enjoy your weekend, thank you for stopping by!! Muaaaah – Are you out partying right now? or acting like a nerd working on a Saturday night like me.. hehe!! But last night I killed it with parties, two parties and two clubs a busy banging Friday night 😉

Look forward to see all the wild pic’s tomorrow… aaauuuuhh!! Gotta save the best for last haha..

Today was a hangover and chill day. Nighty nighty peeps sleep tight. xoxo