Macbeth Offcial Trailer- Starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard

This movie looks very depressing and gray, but it can only be good because two of my favorite actors are starring in it. I love, love Marion Cotillard, she is an amazing actress – I have never seen a shitty movie with her. I became a fan of hers when I saw a french movie, where she plays a woman who looses her leg in a whale accident, actually the wale bits one of her legs of. The movie shows her struggle – how to cope with her new life with one leg and on top of that she falls in love with a hansom man, he is a amazing actor as well – it is a good, good drama movie – her acting is nothing less than phenomenal. She won an oscar for the movie, it is called Rust and Bone watch the trailer here, it is exceptional. Enjoy 😉 

I also love this girls performance in La Vie En Rose and Public Enemies – she is so sexy starring together with Johnny Depp

Michael Fasbender is also a phenomenal actor! He show he’s acting skills in Shame, 12 Years a Slave and PrometheusI could name many more movies, but these 3 came to my mind. He is AWESOME..

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New Movie Trailer With Robert De Niro

Hi Guys,

I think this one looks okay. Not mind-blowing – a little cheesy actually. Definitely not a cinema movie. I will probably wait until it’s on TV before I watch it haha..

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts below in the comment (kommentar) area.

More new movies 😉 This one is with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt 😉


Russel Crowe – The Water Diviner Official Trailer

Yolo Sunday Peeps,

I just watched this movie. I found it on Itunes, it is a great Sunday movie actually. But sad and a lot of drama. You should watch it if you can handle sadness in a movies – if not – watch a comedy instead. 😉

Anyway Russel is one of my all time fave actors. I mean after Gladiator he melted our hearts am I right?? Not only a good-looking man but a talented good-looking one.

I have one girlfriend that is completely hooked on him. We used to watch Gladiator over and over again hahaha.. You might think my girls and I are to old for such a teenage – like behavior. I know I will never be to old for anything. There is always room for silly behavior. 😀


Have a great week tomorrow. Remember to drink 2 -3 liters of water today, flush out all your toxins from the weekend. Be good to yourself, your body and enjoy life.


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New Movie With Brand Pitt And Angelina Jolie – By The Sea, Official Trailer ;)

Hey lovely Sunday Peeps,

We ALL Love these two knockouts. I mean HOT looks and talent what more can you ask for in a movie – 😉 Maybe to see Brad Pitt Naked.. hahaha

It looks like heavy drama this one, non the less I look forward to see it.

Bradie – see you soon 😀 lol..

He is mine ladies, Brad is like a good red wine, he get’s better with age.

I had a wild night last night. Dinner at Novikov and I went to a new club in Mayfair called Charlie, then Libertine – a club that is always packed with footballers, last night we meet a cute group of ballers from Birmingham. I will uploade all the pics when I get some energy.

But for now I feel good about myself because I went for a long run, with only 5 hours sleep. You ROCK SABRINA!! Well done..

Have you been a good boy/girl today – Did you do your daily workout?? Or are you a lasy ass on the sofa? if your answer is SOFA – I am shaking my head at you, Im not angry – just disappointed. 😉

Anyway it’s not to late, GET UP – GET YOUR RUNNING SHOES and go for a short run, you will feel better afterwards, no bad excuses, I have heard them all from – previous PT clients.


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